(CNN)The US Supreme Court declined to expedite paperwork to allow House Democrats to more quickly continue the process of seeking President Donald Trump’s financial documents.

Earlier this month the court blocked Congress from getting the President’s records for now, sending the controversial cases back down to the lower court for further review.However, the Supreme Court’s formal judgments are generally not issued for 25 days, meaning Democrats would not be able to go back to court until early August.The House asked the Supreme Court to issue the paperwork immediately. Monday, the court rejected the request. Justice Sonia Sotomayor indicated she would have agreed to the request.The move makes it even less likely that the House could obtain any documents before the election.Read MoreSpeed is of the essence, House lawyer Doug Letter told the justices in court papers, because the current subpoenas die when Congress ends in January.”Immediate issuance of this Court’s judgments would accelerate the proceedings in the lower courts so that the Committees may obtain the materials necessary to undertake any needed legislative reforms as quickly as possible to address, among other issues, conflicts of interest that threaten to undermine the Presidency, money-laundering and unsafe lending practices, and foreign interference in U.S. elections and any other ongoing threats to national security arising from President Trump’s foreign financial entanglements,” Letter wrote. Trump taxes subpoena fight can resume quickly after Supreme Court actionTrump taxes subpoena fight can resume quickly after Supreme Court actionTrump taxes subpoena fight can resume quickly after Supreme Court actionLawyers for Trump opposed the move arguing that expediting the issuance of the judgments in the case would be “unnecessary” and “unproductive.” They argued that the House committees “cannot identify any pending legislative proposal to which the President’s records are relevant — let alone urgently needed.”Last week, the court did agree to immediately issue the paperwork in the other major case seeking Trump’s financial records — a challenge by the New York district attorney to obtain tax documents. In that instance, Trump’s lawyers did not object.Trump’s lawyers say they plan to file an amended complaint raising new challenges to the state grand jury subpoena to Trump’s longtime accounting firm Mazars USA.

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