UPDATE: 6:40 p.m. — The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick, released a statement announcing that Steve Bannon would no longer appear at the festival.


The New Yorker incited anger on Monday after it was announced that Steve Bannon would be headlining the magazine’s October festival.

The New Yorker Festival, in its 19th year, is known for giving a platform to prominent figures across the political, literary and art worlds. This year’s event will feature an appearance by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, The New York Times reported Monday.

The magazine’s editor, David Remnick, defended the choice to add Bannon to the festival lineup by saying the event wouldn’t allow Bannon to “jump on and off the record.”

“I have every intention of asking him difficult questions and engaging in a serious and even combative conversation,” Remnick told the Times in a phone interview. “The audience itself, by its presence, puts a certain pressure on a conversation that an interview alone doesn’t do.”

Bannon left the White House in August 2017, not long after white nationalists incited violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. After his work for President Donald Trump, Bannon focused his attention on getting Europe’s far-right parties more power in government positions.

During a speech in March at a party congress of France’s far-right National Front in Lille, he told attendees to consider being called racist “a badge of honor.”

Critics began voicing their anger on social media despite Remnick’s comments, saying the magazine was giving Bannon a platform for his dangerous and hateful rhetoric.

Celebrities scheduled to appear at the festival — such as comedians Judd Apatow, John Mulaney and musician Jack Antonoff — threatened to pull out of the event if Bannon was given a platform. Apatow tweeted that he would not take part in an event “that normalizes hate.”

“I’m out. I genuinely support public intellectual debate, and have paid to see people speak with whom I strongly disagree,” Mulaney posted on Twitter. “But this isn’t James Baldwin vs William F Buckley. This is PT Barnum level horseshit. And it was announced on a weekend just before tix went on sale.”

Kathyrn Schulz, a Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist with The New Yorker, denounced her employer’s decision on Twitter and encouraged readers to express their feelings to Remnick.

i’m no longer going to be speaking/performing at the new yorker festival as long as steve bannon is there

— jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) September 3, 2018

If Steve Bannon is at the New Yorker festival I am out. I will not take part in an event that normalizes hate. I hope the @NewYorker will do the right thing and cancel the Steve Bannon event. Maybe they should read their own reporting about his ideology.

— Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) September 3, 2018

I’m out. I genuinely support public intellectual debate, and have paid to see people speak with whom I strongly disagree. But this isn’t James Baldwin vs William F Buckley. This is PT Barnum level horseshit. And it was announced on a weekend just before tix went on sale. https://t.co/oYk1llNgvV

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) September 3, 2018

I love working for @NewYorker, but I'm beyond appalled by this: https://t.co/WlZdsBpF1R I have already made that very clear to David Remnick. You can, too: [email protected]

— Kathryn Schulz (@kathrynschulz) September 3, 2018

Media outlets need to stop legitimizing Steve Bannon by giving him a platform. We should all be relieved his influence on our government has seemingly waned, not encourage its relevance. He’s a dangerous, destabilizing force in our country. He’s also *not newsworthy.* The end.

— Sulome Anderson (@SulomeAnderson) September 3, 2018

Congratulations, @NewYorker. I’ve been a subscriber for 35 years and I just cancelled my subscription. I hope others follow suit. This is disgraceful. https://t.co/nP3sd7e4EV

— Laura Hogan ❄️ (@holborne) September 3, 2018

Dear @NewYorker, Your decision to feature Steve Bannon as your headline speaker is sending a very clear message to your Black, Brown, immigrant and Muslim readers. And your soon-to-be former readers.

— Khaled Beydoun (@KhaledBeydoun) September 3, 2018

Can’t fathom a justification for this. He isn’t in government. He isn’t leading a fringe website anymore. He isn’t interesting. He’s a crank who’s trying (and since Trump, largely failing) to get majority white countries to elect bigots. https://t.co/Qz0NxumU9t

— Radley Balko (@radleybalko) September 3, 2018

On news that the @NewYorker is having Steve Bannon headline its festival, just going to re-up this thread about this such platforms legitimate and spread his views. https://t.co/AS1gczHrXa

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) September 3, 2018

I'm disgusted that @NewYorker Ideas Festival has invited Steve Bannon as their headliner. He's not a public official. He's not a legitimate intellectual. But he is a far-right organizer drawing intellectual cred from their platform.

— Lindsay Beyerstein (@Beyerstein) September 3, 2018

UNBELIEVABLE!! NOW THE @NewYorker?? HOW MANY TIMES DO THESE PUBLICATIONS NEED TO DO THIS? STEVE BANNON IS HUMAN CLICKBAIT. He’s not employed. He no longer holds any position of note. He’s just a racist. Stop giving him air! https://t.co/KgShAjKXZx

— Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) September 3, 2018

If Steve Bannon "headlines" the New Yorker festival, that tells you all you need to know about the New Yorker Festival. https://t.co/CRoxp177E0

— Vindictments? (@PhlItalian) September 3, 2018

The ⁦@NewYorker⁩ gives its most visible platform to a man who unrepentantly promotes propaganda calling for ethnic cleansing. This is equivalent to putting onstage a man who recommends everyone read Mein Kampf & letting him promote his new company. https://t.co/6Rub6T1lzU

— Anil Dash (@anildash) September 3, 2018

This story has been updated with responses from New Yorker columnist Kathryn Schulz, festival speakers who threatened to cancel and David Remnick’s decision to disinvite Steve Bannon.

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