Stephen Colbert said President Joe Biden is riding high as his coronavirus vaccination program surpasses projections.

“Our new president is on a roll, baby. Nothing can stop him now,” Colbert said, before throwing to a clip of Biden stumbling on the Air Force One stairs last week.

“Except stairs,” Colbert cracked, adding: “Can we blame it on the dog, Major? No? Do it anyway.”

The “Late Show” host also spotted a key difference between Biden’s stair incident and one involving his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“No toilet paper on his shoe, though,” Colbert said. “Progress!”

Here’s the 2018 moment Colbert referred to:

As if this entire presidency couldn’t be more bizarre…Today, Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

— Philin’ Myself (@MaltLiquorLogic) October 5, 2018

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