Spanish Prime Minister and Socialist Party candidate Pedro Sanchez applauds to supporters during an election campaign event in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, April 25, 2019. Spain is preparing to hold its third parliamentary election in less than four years. But even though the exercise is familiar, uncertainty surrounds the election’s outcome. Polls indicate a substantial share of voters, about one-third, hadn’t decided by the final week of campaigning how they would mark their ballots on Sunday. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

MADRID – Spain's prime minister says he's open to a coalition with an anti-austerity party, hinting for the first time at a possible center-left governing alliance after Sunday's national election.

In an interview published Friday by El Pais newspaper, Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez says "it isn't a problem" for the far-left United We Can to become part of his Cabinet if he wins the tight race.

With Spain's electoral law banning polls during the last week of campaigning, it's unclear if the two parties will emerge strong enough in the lower house of parliament or whether a right-wing alliance could assemble a majority.

Sánchez is calling on Spaniards to cast a "useful vote" and has warned that the rise of the far right in polls could be underestimated given the large pool of undecided voters.

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