Former Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones, an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, is being called out over a tweet on bathrooms.

Jones ― part of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, a group co-founded by disgraced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen ― fired off a series of transphobic tweets about gender-neutral bathrooms.

But the one getting the most attention is this:

How would you feel about your child using this bathroom?

— Kaya Jones (@KayaJones) January 6, 2019

Nearly 20,000 people replied ― and most of those responses probably weren’t what Jones was hoping for:

Awesome! It’s a single-use bathroom with a lock on the door so my kid would be safe.My only concern would be the right-wing extremist standing outside of it filming the sign with an epileptic seizure inducing use of a zoom lens.

— Nicolas Falacci (@NickFalacci) January 6, 2019

How would you feel about your child overusing the zoom lens?

— Michael McKean (@MJMcKean) January 6, 2019

Is there soap? Are there paper towels? Has the idiot standing outside and filming the door finally left?

— Anita Creamer (@AnitaCreamer) January 6, 2019

Do you have separate bathrooms for boys and girls in your house?

— Ken Olin (@kenolin1) January 6, 2019

I found these toilets at a concert, im not sure but I think they could be gender neutral. Who do I report this to?

— Mike Holden (@MikeHolden42) January 6, 2019

The people that jail the kids to own the libs are very offended about bathroom signage

— Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) January 6, 2019

In reading the comments, I feel like your ignorant, bigoted tweet has backfired on you.

— Stephan Fleet (@stephanfleet) January 6, 2019


— Audrey Porne (@AudreyPorne) January 6, 2019

I was fine with it until you started zooming IN AND OUT so many times. Now it’s evident that this is just a trap for all pedophiles!!! Thanks for the zooming, Kaya or I would have totally missed this!!

— Shugar (@GregShugar) January 7, 2019

The same way I feel about my child using a bathroom at a friend’s house. Ya know.. knock first, be sanitary, double wash your hands. That kind of stuff.

— Tricia Norling (@Tricia_Norling) January 7, 2019

Wow ,, very concern about this Kayla ,, if my grand-son ( Owen) go’s in there he may come out wanting to be a girl as he is already gay due to Obamacare ,, this is what the liberal’s are trying to do !!!

— Walter(Owen's Grandp (@walterowensgrpa) January 6, 2019

Depends if there's a creepy lady standing outside it with a camera or not….

— Darcy Anne (@Dragonfly_Darcy) January 7, 2019

I'd be more worried about some rando creeper standing outside a bathroom with their phone, talking videos of the bathroom.Also, using a single-user toilet (only 1 person at a time) sign as a weapon in your personal agenda is a real cheap move.Sit down.

— Trevor S. Valle (@tattoosandbones) January 6, 2019

Wait, don’t you have gender neutral bathrooms in your own home? I’d feel like my child was naturally relieving themselves in a private space, in a private way, just like they do at home. Grow up and stop fearmongering. You’re too old to behave this way.

— Brian Sims (@BrianSimsPA) January 6, 2019

I'd immediately call the police about some creepy lady recording a bathroom & its users.

— Mike Wickett (@mikewickett) January 6, 2019

Why are you filming outside of the bathroom & talking about children?Somebody should've called Security on you.

— Jason E. Fuentes (@FatCoyote2) January 7, 2019

Why are Trump supporters so obsessed with toilets? It’s getting weird. Why can’t you just let people piss in peace?

— Christopher Wylie ?️‍? (@chrisinsilico) January 6, 2019

Oh no, a gender neutral bathroom just like the one at home oh no oh no.

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) January 6, 2019

I like prefer this one:

— KJ (@KJsRants) January 7, 2019

What the heck is the difference? The sign has you that freaked out? I’m a Christian with an autistic son that has to have my wife deal with bringing him into the ladies room. Grow up. Jesus weeps for you.

— Maury Brown (@BizballMaury) January 6, 2019

considering you're there filming the bathroom like a fucking weirdo I'd feel pretty uncomfortable

— Churlish (@Cryptoterra) January 6, 2019 Download

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