Shocking video out of New York City which went viral Tuesday on social media shows a mob running over a raccoon and beating the animal to death with a baseball bat in the street as onlookers celebrate and cheer.

The video shows the panicked raccoon struggling to escape being run over twice by a car and then being ruthlessly beaten to death with a baseball bat by two separate men.

WARNING: The video is deeply disturbing:

NYC 🇺🇸

We can’t save the raccoon, but we can identify everyone involved. @NYPDnews @HumaneSocietyNY @aspca @fox5ny #newyork #NYC #nypd #newyorkpolice #COVID19 #AllLivesMatter #Chicago #animalcruelty #raccoon #abuse #animallivesmatter #saveourchildren

— Lite Pimp (@litepimp) August 18, 2020

An animal rights activist on Twitter said the video was allegedly recorded by a man named “James Blue” on Facebook (whose accounts on Facebook and Instagram are now disabled).

Watch as BLM Thugs posing as security attack two white people who happened to stumble into the riot zone. Watch “peaceful protests” in action

Blue allegedly dismissed outrage over the killing by saying that “Black Lives Matter” and people should “worry about the police killing Black people” and “treating us like animals.”

James has a lot to say.

— Lite Pimp (@litepimp) August 18, 2020

A woman claiming to be Blue’s niece allegedly said, “Only white peoples worry about this.”

James Blue’s niece says “only white peoples worry about this.” #animals #matter #animalcruelty #raccoons #raccoon #abuse #dogs #doggos #DemConvention #newyork #antifa #terrorists

— Lite Pimp (@litepimp) August 18, 2020

The video similarly drew outrage on Reddit with users saying it’s the “worst” video they’ve ever seen on the site and “Raccoon Lives Matter.”

“Can we address the elephant in the room?” one user asked. “Nope you’ll get banned and some f***ing losers will probably try to doxx you.”

It’s not just raccoons which are being killed in the streets of New York City.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that homicides “rose 29% to 244 from Jan. 1 to Aug. 2 from the same period last year.”

“The city also recorded an 84.6% rise in shooting victims to 1,017 during those dates compared with the same period in 2019.”

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