Seth Meyers on Thursday envisioned the bonkers way that President Donald Trump may contest the 2020 election if he loses to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Some of the “Late Night” host’s wild suggestions for how Trump might flip out appeared far-fetched.

Others, sadly, did not.

Meyers used much of his “Closer Look” monologue to criticize Trump for floating the idea of delaying the 2020 election, despite not having the authority to do so.

Simple fact-checks weren’t enough to combat the president’s claim, said Meyers, because “the craven husks around Trump are already laying the groundwork for Trump to do exactly what he wants to do, law be damned.”

Meyers also dismissed suggestions that Trump was joking.

“Trump isn’t clever and he certainly doesn’t joke,” said Meyers. “He floats things and then sees if he can get away with it and only if everyone freaks out he suddenly claims it’s a joke.”

Check out Meyers’ monologue here:

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