Relentlessly conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was roundly booed Saturday at Milwaukee’s Juneteenth celebration.

“We don’t want you here,” said a member of a “growing crowd” of constituents booing the senator, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The boos were so loud the senator was drowned out at one point as he spoke to a TV reporter on camera.

“Nobody wants you here” is what folks in Milwaukee told @SenRonJohnson today at #JuneTeenth2021 link:

— Khary Penebaker (@kharyp) June 19, 2021

“Bye b*tch!”Enjoy this video of Ron Johnson getting booed out of Milwaukee during a #Juneteenth celebration today.Johnson single-handedly blocked the Federal holiday designation last year.It appears that his constituents haven’t forgotten!

— TrumpsTaxes (@TrumpsTaxes) June 20, 2021

And if that wasn’t enjoyable enough, here is another video of Ron Johnson getting drowned out with boos during today’s #Juneteenth event in Milwaukee.Bonus: The booing is even louder in this one!

— TrumpsTaxes (@TrumpsTaxes) June 20, 2021

Johnson was not pleased, complaining to the Journal that his reception is “not how you heal a nation.”

He also said it was “unusual” behavior for folks from Wisconsin. “Most people in Wisconsin say, ‘You are in our prayers; we are praying for you.’ … But you got some people here that are just sort of nasty at some points,” he told the Journal.

The senator claimed he heard only “one” nasty comment, but several others were captured on Twitter.

One spectator told the newspaper that “Ron Johnson’s politics are not for us.” A Twitter critic “translated” the boos to complaints about Johnson’s support for voter suppression and for the Capitol insurrection, which he has insisted was “peaceful” (though he also said he would have been “concerned” had rioters been Black Lives Matter protesters).

Spectators were also particularly upset that Johnson has steadfastly blocked making Juneteenth a holiday. Johnson single-handedly blocked the bill from advancing in the Senate last year due, he said, to concerns over its cost.

He finally backed down this year at the last minute, then quickly attempted to capitalize on the holiday by turning up at the city’s celebration.

Just in case the news doesn't report it… Black residents boo'd Ron Johnson & ran his hypocritical ass out of the Milw #JuneTeenth2021 Celebration for claiming to support Juneteenth after previously voting against it! 🤣Gotta love America's Holiday! 🙌🏾

— Rep. David F. Bowen (@DavidFBowen) June 19, 2021

Whenever Ron Johnson’s hypocrisy is drowned out in boos, is a good day. Especially on this day.

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