Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) sounded a bit too nostalgic Friday for the days when drug users bought his state’s “homegrown” methamphetamine, before the Mexican cartels moved in.

“Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. It was homegrown. And you had purity levels less than 30%,” Daines told a gathering of his Senate colleagues during a visit to the Mexican border. “Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel.”

He claimed the meth trafficking was due to illegal immigration.

Not everyone on the trip seemed to be buying it. Fellow Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) was smiling through much of Daines’s talk and appeared to glance at the ground often so his grin wasn’t quite so obvious.

Sen. Steve Daines: “Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. It was homegrown. And you had purity levels less than 30%. Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel.”

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) March 26, 2021

Daines blamed the devastating meth crisis on President Joe Biden, who took office two months ago.

Two years ago, Daines noted in a statement that he was bringing then-Vice President Mike Pence to Billings for a “firsthand look at Montana’s meth crisis.”

Twitter critters loved piling on Daines’s weird blast from the past.

My dad was a meth farmer, and his dad was a meth farmer, and thanks to cheap imports last year they had to declare bankruptcy and sell the meth farm.

— Erin Zero Republicans Ryan (@morninggloria) March 27, 2021

If only one brave American—an emotionally damaged high school chemistry teacher with a fatal disease perhaps—would rise up and revive America’s fledgling meth industry…

— Karen Puckett (@KarenPuckettLeo) March 27, 2021

To the extent there are migrants crossing the Rio Grande to get into the USA, they most definitely are not carrying meth for sale in Montana, @SteveDaines… but I'm sure you already knew that and are conflating two separate issues because "Brown people scary"

— Pé (@4everNeverTrump) March 26, 2021

Steve Daines is upset that Mexico has usurped good old American meth with purer product.

— Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) March 26, 2021

Folks, please use meth thats Made in America! Even though the quality sucks- A grownass US Senator

— Look here, Jack (@realworldrj) March 26, 2021

"We had our own meth. Montana meth. It was lousy, but by God it was ours. Now you have this purer Mexican meth. My God, how is a man supposed to earn a living against that?"

— Sir Humphrey (@bdquinn) March 26, 2021

The meth version of They Took Our Jobs

— Noble Prize in Sarcasm (@rewegreatyet) March 26, 2021

Steve Daines: I’m here at the border to sound the alarm on the crisis of imported meth. Whatever happened to meth that’s MADE IN AMERICA, amiright?

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) March 26, 2021

International Brotherhood of Meth Workers standing strong, standing united. Bring our jobs home!

— jordan (@JordanUhl) March 26, 2021

Watch Sen. Mike Lee's reactions & expressions as Sen. Steve Daines speaks his nonsense promoting Montana-made meth. @MikeLeeforUtah knows how ludicrous @SteveDaines sounds and looks extremely uncomfortable.Sen. @RonJohnsonWI, on the other hand, is oblivious. No surprise there.

— K Bedmas (@Mathematasian) March 27, 2021

[sticks finger in white powder and licks it]"The mom and pop meth labs of Montana don't stand a chance against this cartel meth."

— JRehling (@JRehling) March 27, 2021 Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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