Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., slammed the Biden administration’s immigration policies as “misguided” telling “Fox News Primetime” it is going to lead to “greater inhumanity.”

SEN. RON JOHNSON: One of the great under reported stories here is the human trafficking component of this, and just the depredations. One of the things we learned from border patrol, for example, was that one of the techniques of these human traffickers, some of the most evil people on the planet – that’s what these policies are facilitating, some of the most evil people on the planet, their multi-billion-dollar business plan. One of the things they do is when they’re interdicted by a CBP boat they will throw a child overboard into the currents of the Rio Grande. That’s how some of these children drown. They sell children. That came out in testimony before our committee in 2018. They sold a child for $84 so that people could exploit our very lenient asylum laws when it comes to family. The Biden administration knows all of these things yet they completely dismantled what worked. President Trump pretty well stopped the flow of unaccompanied children and family units, and in doing so stopped the human trafficking business model and depredations. President Biden dismantled all of that. Now we are seeing it to a greater extent than ever has been. This is a tragedy, this is a disaster. It’s unfortunate, we were so close to finally controlling our border and stopping this flow so we could turn our attention to solving the issue with DACA children and setting up legal immigration system that works.


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