Politics leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

People are having the same reaction to Sen. Mark Warner’s tuna melt tutorial video.

On Monday, the Virginia Democrat posted a video on Instagram in which he purportedly demonstrates how to make a tuna melt.

But his method of preparing the sandwich is so stomach-turning that the internet had a collective meltdown.

It’s not like Warner didn’t warn us. He noted in the post that his “staff tried to stop me from sharing this quarantine delicacy with the world.”

He also tells viewers at the beginning of the video that “unless you are a professional chef, you may want to occasionally pause the video so you can keep up.”

Warner’s cooking technique won’t win him many competitions: He squirts a huge amount on mayo onto two untoasted slices of bread and throws the tuna on it without draining the can.

To make matters worse: Warner puts two slices of cheese onto the concoction before putting the abomination into the microwave for 30 seconds ― long enough for a good hand-washing, he notes.

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A post shared by Mark R. Warner (@senatorwarner) on Apr 19, 2020 at 1:14pm PDT

Fellow politicians had a severe reaction to the fishy failure.

Ok @MarkWarner we need to talk. That’s too much mayo dude. Where is Lisa? I love your effort…but…. https://t.co/Fnuvg5bHhQ

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) April 21, 2020

Mark—we need to talk. Call. Please. Your friend KDH.pic.twitter.com/IPGsT6cnjE

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) April 22, 2020

My thoughts on an important topic many people are talking about:- Why wouldn't you toast the bread first?- Horrified he didn't drain his tuna water- That's too much mayonnaiseBUTGood job washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water, it's the most important thing!

— Rep. Don Beyer (@RepDonBeyer) April 22, 2020

Political journalists couldn’t be objective, either.

I have been making a lot of tuna melt sandwiches during quarantine and I am personally offended and physically revolted by @MarkWarner's soggy microwaved mess of a tutorial

— Emily Larsen (@emilyelarsen) April 22, 2020

“Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio also had a strong reaction to Warner’s tuna travesty.

I’ll say it, @MarkWarner pack your knives https://t.co/qhR9YOhlsm

— Tom Colicchio (@tomcolicchio) April 22, 2020

Warner took the criticism with good humor.

There's a reason you guys didn't let me anywhere near the kitchen when I was on Top Chef! I'm gonna continue leaving the cooking to the professionals, and support my local restaurants in Congress and with lots of carry-out orders. https://t.co/bjk0BWTSfB

— Mark Warner (@MarkWarner) April 22, 2020

Still, Warner’s press officer felt obliged to comment.

Ok, Internet, I asked him your questions. And he wants you to know that he **intentionally** didn't drain the tuna "because I didn't want it to be too dry"

— rachel cohen (@rcohen) April 22, 2020

He also told me a story about an even more disgusting sandwich he once made, which I will spare you all, but safe to say it will be making an appearance in my nightmares in a little while

— rachel cohen (@rcohen) April 22, 2020

At the end of the video, Warner says, “We will get through this, Virginia, we will get through this, America.”

RollCall rightfully noted that it was unclear whether the senator was referring to the current pandemic or his sandwich.

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