An anonymous Secret Santa is handing out thousands of dollars to Arizona residents this holiday season.

“Five, six, seven, one thousand dollars. Oh wow, one thousand dollars! I was not expecting this,” one surprised recipient told KSAZ.

So who is this mysterious donor giving thousands of dollars in cash out of the kindness of their hearts? The donor does not want to be identified, but Cherie Hoover has taken on the role of being this Secret Santa’s elf, delivering the money to those in need.

“Secret Santa Project!”A valley businessman sends out “Cherie the elf” to surprise random people with an envelope of cash!I went along with Cherie for the fun!She surprised this couple at a Mesa @GoodwillAZ !More fun at 5 !#fox10phoenix #Thanksgiving2020 #secretsanta

— Linda Fox 10 (@lindawfox10) November 25, 2020

“He’s uber blessed this year and wanted to pay it forward the way that he could. He is that guy,” Hoover said.

So far, this Secret Santa has surprised a mother shopping at Goodwill and an employee at a grocery warehouse called Shop & Final.

One couple who was surprised by Secret Santa’s generosity said they would use the money to pay it forward as a way to thank the donor for the selfless act.

This Secret Santa is not the only one giving away large donations to people in need. In East Idaho, there is a Secret Santa that has been giving away gifts from large sums of money to cars to people who are in need.

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