Second Amendment activist and attorney Colion Noir warned Tuesday that Congress appears poised to forever change the gun rights landscape in America with sweeping legislation already making its way through the U.S. House.

Noir told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that two bills in the House could do lasting damage to the Constitutional rights of millions of people while at the same time further empowering the federal government.

Noir cited H.R. 8, a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., that would ban private sales of firearms without a licensed intermediary conducting a background check, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 127; a comprehensive overhaul of gun rights that includes required psychological evaluations and family interviews by federally-approved individuals for gun purchases and licensing of ammunition while prohibiting several calibers thereof, as well onerous firearms-related fees and several other edicts.

In order for the Senate, as currently constituted, to pass both Thompson’s and Jackson Lee’s bills, they would likely have to abolish the filibuster, which many Democrats support doing, host Tucker Carlson noted. President Biden separately has vowed to potentially take executive action on gun control.

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“This is predictable,” Carlson told Noir. “Some lunatic commits a horrifying crime,  therefore the rest of us aren’t allowed to defend ourselves. Does this have aCarlson asked.ny chance of happening, do you think?”

“Now? Yeah, largely because of the way things look in Congress and as you pointed out earlier, that’s why that Georgia [U.S. Senate] election was so incredibly important,” Noir said. “I know I made a series of videos talking about that.”

Noir said the restrictive bills coming through Congress have nothing to do with saving lives from mass shooters.

“Look at H.R. 8 and the other bill (H.R. 127) that just passed the House now going to go to the Senate, none of those would have stopped any of the most recent shootings that we have had,” he said. “None of them. So why are we pushing policy that’s not going to do anything other than grant more power to the government?


“That’s the overarching goal there and I think a lot of people really have to start understanding that and take it for what it is.”

Noir went on to suggest that not enough Americans listened to warnings about how far left the Democratic ticket was when they voted on Election Day:

“A lot of people didn’t really heed that warning because they wanted to vote along party lines, which again, the lack of independent thought is becoming increasingly more dangerous.”

Noir later added that many people “undervalue” the Second Amendment, looking at it as a protection for game hunters, rather than for civilians against a tyrannical government.

As for the new push to ban AR-15s, Noir warned such an effort “serves as an excellent precursor for them to inevitably get to the point they really want to get to, which is essentially [banning] the handguns. They can sell the whole idea of the AR-15 needing to be banned and evil and only meant for killing, as they like to say, which is not true.”


“Once they get that… and we have another shooting that happens, which it will, they will go ahead and use that to justify further restricting our rights again. So they will take a little bit at a time, wait for another tragedy and take a little bit after that,” he said.

“That’s why I implore people, when they elect these, officials there are consequences for this because they are supposed to be our representatives. So as long as we continue to elect them without any recourse, whenever they do things like vote for gun control, we are going to continue to see this over and over and over again. Before you know it, we won’t have a Second Amendment.”

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