Rather than address any of the hard questions asked of Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk about his strange brand of liberal “conservatism” at his “Culture War” event on Tuesday, Kirk’s allies chose to beg our ruling Big Tech oligarchs to ban Nick Fuentes from social media.

Sebastian Gorka sent this tweet out on Wednesday calling for Fuentes to be censored just an hour or so before Charlie Kirk appeared on his YouTube radio show:

This person is Evil.

How is Holocaust denier @nickjfuentes still on Twitter and VERIFIED?? https://t.co/nDGfIYBlmo

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 30, 2019

Gorka in the past has repeatedly decried censorship as a tool for leftist losers who can’t win an argument:

Amazing. pic.twitter.com/wDthorsCsa

— Chris Menahan 🇺🇸 (@infolibnews) October 30, 2019

On Wednesday, Gorka repeatedly appealed to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to have Fuentes censored:

He’s VERIFIED you imbecile.

The issue is that @Jack gives a piece garbage like @nickjfuentes a blue check mark and actual Conservatives are suspended from Twitter for posting pictures of @KatieHill4CA.

Now do you get it? https://t.co/LHj2zISkQC

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 30, 2019

Anti-Semitic Holocaust Deniers like @nickjfuentes should never have been verified by @jack.

Remember James Woods. https://t.co/OO8Gj7mUhd

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 30, 2019

There’s only one way @nickjfuentes is allowed to stay on Twitter by the Left and get verified by @jack.

Because his brand of vile Anti-Semitic Holocaust denial is useful for the @TheDemocrats.

FOLLOW THE 💵 https://t.co/xsXXa4Lbdn

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 30, 2019

Nick Fuentes of https://www.nicholasjfuentes.com joins The Alex Jones Show to break down why he connfronted Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.By the way, our Everything Must Go Emergency Sale is now live! Get 70% off Survival Shield X-3 and an additional 50% off other products with free shipping and double Patriot Points!

He also had Kirk on his show to denounce Fuentes as an anti-Semite:

Right Wing Watch pro-censorship activist Jared Holt celebrated the news:

The right is finally going into war mode against Fuentes https://t.co/B3iIGFBetk

— Jared Holt (@jaredlholt) October 30, 2019

Fuentes defended himself on Infowars right as Gorka came out with his statement demanding he be censored:

Here’s @NickJFuentes on infowars incase anyone missed it.https://t.co/NyWwpJgZ3E

— Jimbo 🎃 But Spooky 👻 (@JimboZoomer) October 30, 2019

He also went on a tweet storm:

The vipers are out today! After me and the thousands of America First zoomers in our movement HUMILIATED Charlie Kirk last night, now all the proxies from conservative inc are out to get me. They simply expose the fragility of their subversive globalist cadre.

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Here is the fat MAGA grifter Sebastian Gorka effectively calling for me to be banned from Twitter. I thought conservatives were against tech censorship? It is incredible how these people expose themselves when their flimsy ideas are attacked. pic.twitter.com/H2pciacyP6

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Nothing I’ve ever said or done is as disturbing as your marriage, Jim. Your indochina “husband” is young enough to be your grandson. https://t.co/gFaJYjoLn1

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Yeah whatever you have a clip, I’m controversial. Gonna cry??? The real story here is that young America First nationalist are rejecting the controlled opposition in our party and they think they can make an example out of me. Well FUCK YOU! This Culture War is only beginning.

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

The conservative inc answer for James Younger nearly being chemically castrated against his will?

“Whatever happens in the privacy of your home!”

Mass immigration from third world shitholes?

“As long as they come legally!”

Endless foreign wars?

“Whatever is best for Israel!”

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Love Conservative Inc. smearing young patriots as anti-semites and racists for the crime of asking Charlie Kirk tough questions

— Scott Greer (@ScottMGreer) October 30, 2019

Take a long, hard look at the utter contempt these establishment hacks show for young, Christian Americans.

“Retrograde losers”“Bottom feeders”“Homophobic losers”“Hatefilled gremlins”

How is this any different than basket of deplorables? All for asking honest questions. pic.twitter.com/lGo6eWsxie

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

One of Sebastian Gorka’s listeners calls in to his show to suggest I “swallow and choke on razor blades.” Why? For questioning foreign aid to Israel.


— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Back when Sebastian Gorka wasn’t a pathetic slave pic.twitter.com/S7vDg48mqw

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

What’s happening to me and my friends is just like when Charlie Kirk, Benny Johnson and all the other establishment people joined in with the media to DISAVOW the Covington Kids. They don’t care about the truth, they will say and do anything to control the narrative.

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 30, 2019

Regardless of your opinion on Nick Fuentes’ political views, it’s absolutely pathetic that the so-called “free speech warriors” in Conservatism, Inc. who claim they’ll “debate anyone” are begging for him to be censored.

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