Seattle business owners who have seen the windows of their premises repeatedly smashed by Black Lives Matter protesters assert that they still support the organization.

The business owners told KOMO News they were “fed up” after eight premises were targeted by vandals during another round of violent unrest last night on Seattle’s First Hill.

“Seattle Police said the individuals arrested were part of a group of protests that began at Cal Anderson Park Sunday night,” according to the report. “911 calls started coming in around 10:15 p.m. Police said when they arrived at 7th and E. Madison Street a few of the arrested were allegedly in the midst of smashing a storefront’s windows.”

“Sadly it’s become routine,” said Jamie Munson, owner of the ‘Simply Seattle’ store. “We’ve gotten good at calling the Insurance company, boarding up windows and protecting the store, it’s just exhausting.”

“Two of his three stores have been hit five times since protests began- he offered that unnerving feeling he has never goes away for him or his staff,” states the report.

Businesses in Seattle publicly announce support for Black Lives Matter then complain that Black Lives matter rioters destroyed their stores but then say they still support black lives matter

the fuck is wrong with you

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) August 11, 2020

However, despite budget cuts to the police department that could worsen the vandalism, Munson told the news outlet, “We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and want to see change.”

In other words, Munson fully supports the same organization responsible for his businesses being trashed. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

Following the nationwide riots over the death of George Floyd, hundreds of leftists ransacked a police station and occupied an area of downtown Seattle that subsequently became known as CHOP and was notorious for a spike in violent crimes.

Despite playing an instrumental role in re-taking the area, Seattle Police chief Carmen Best announced her resignation after the Democratic city council voted to cut millions from the police department’s budget at the behest of Black Lives Matter protesters.

Good luck Seattle, you’ll need it.


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