All eyes are on President Biden after he proposed a $2.3 trillion infrastructure spending plan which is doomed to fail based on the numbers and misguided allocations, “Hannity” host Sean Hannity said Wednesday.

HANNITY: In fact, out of the roughly $2.3 trillion in new spending, only $650 billion is allocated for roads and bridges and general infrastructure. $80 billion — that’s marked as a handout to Amtrak. The rest of the $2.3 trillion – that is dedicated to retrofitting millions of homes and hospitals and other buildings in an environmentally conscious way and other funds would go toward building new “green” schools. $400 billion — of your hard-earned tax dollars — of this so-called “infrastructure bill” would be used to expand Medicaid and, of course, billions more would be used to permanently cap… oil and gas wells…

Now, if we learned anything from the Biden and Obama and Solyndra ‘shovel-ready’ jobs era, this so-called ‘infrastructure bill’ is doomed to fail. Those jobs weren’t shovel-ready. They were non-existent. They were, literally, shuffling nothing but Schiff and that was all that was shoveled. They were shoveling Schiff. And tonight, the cherry on the top is this legislation’s commitment to ending the right to work. Let me explain what this means. Every state now will be just like New York, just like Illinois and California, where the all-powerful public sector unions in their unholy alliance with the Democratic Party, they all run the show.

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