Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) appeared to storm out of an interview virtually with CNN’s Anderson Cooper after a tense exchange this week.

The moment came Thursday as Walker accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his supporters of failing to immediately denounce the violent protests over police brutality and racial inequality in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“We saw businesses burnt to the ground,” Walker said. “People want justice. They want reform in law enforcement, but they don’t want riots. They want leaders who stand up.”

Watch Scott Walker turn off his camera and cut short a CNN interview as Anderson Cooper presses him on the absurdity of trying to blame Joe Biden for civil unrest in Trump’s America

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) August 27, 2020

Cooper, however, was quick to point out that Walker’s argument was particularly one-sided, as President Donald Trump has stayed silent on the Aug. 23 shooting of a Black Wisconsin man, Jacob Blake, that begat the demonstrations.

At that point, Walker can be seen approaching his video camera. Seconds later, his feed is disconnected.

Cooper responded with a short apology to viewers.

“Looks like we lost our signal,” he said. “We apologize for the signal loss, but we appreciate Gov. Walker’s time. Sorry. Live television.”

On Wednesday, Biden posted a video to Twitter in which he condemned the violence and said he spoke with Blake’s family members.

“Protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary,” he said. “But burning down communities is not protest; it’s needless violence.”

Watch a snippet of Anderson Cooper’s interview with Scott Walker below.

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