Scotland’s leader doesn’t want President Donald Trump rocking up for a round of golf during the coronavirus pandemic.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon — who ordered Scotland into a full-scale lockdown this week — made it crystal clear on Tuesday that the outgoing president would not be welcome into the country to play at one of his money-losing courses.

Sturgeon was asked during a televised press conference to comment on reports, which the White House has denied, that Trump was planning to visit Scotland to avoid the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

“I’ve no idea what Donald Trump’s travel plans are, you’ll be glad to know,” Sturgeon responded. “I hope and expect that, as everybody expects, not everybody necessarily will hope, that the travel plan immediately he has it to exit the White House. But beyond that, I don’t know.”

Sturgeon then clarified Scotland’s position on speculation that Trump might visit during the lockdown:

“We are not allowing people to come into Scotland without any central purpose right now, and that would apply to him just as it applies to anybody else,” the Scottish leader said. “And coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose.”

Watch Sturgeon’s comments in the video above.

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