On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that it’s “logical” that President Trump knew Lev Parnas due to Parnas’ association with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, there will be “all kinds of documentary evidence” of discussions of meetings with the president to back this up, and because of President Trump’s “tendency to prevaricate, just not tell the truth, I tend to believe Parnas.”

Host Don Lemon asked Schumer if he thinks Trump knew Parnas.

Schumer responded, “I think the Washington Post counted up the number of times the president has lied, not stated the truth. I think it’s over 7,000. So, normally, if you see a politician simply in a picture next to somebody else, you’d say, maybe he doesn’t know him. But first, Parnas was a close associate and worked with Giuliani, one of Trump’s closest people. So, it’s logical that they knew each other. And second, there’s going to be all kinds of documentary evidence where either Parnas, or maybe Giuliani, or maybe someone else talks about meetings with the president. So, I don’t — given Trump’s tendency to prevaricate, just not tell the truth, I tend to believe Parnas.”

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