MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough heaped praise on President Joe Biden on Friday.

Scarborough, who was reacting to polling, showing that more Americans believe this country is on the right track now, described Biden as a “popular president.” He added that Biden “is presenting popular policy proposals.”

“It’s interesting — we have a popular president who appears to be personally liked, who is presenting popular policy proposals,” Scarborough said of the polling. “And you have, I think for the first time, around half of Americans — first time in a long time — around half of Americans believing this country is headed in the right direction. I wouldn’t say we’ve re-entered an Era of Good Feelings, but this is something that we as a country have not seen in a very long time.”

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson replied, “No, we haven’t, and really for good reason. For a long time, we were not headed in the right direction. But Americans increasingly think we are. What fascinates me is how popular his specific policies are in that polling, especially the infrastructure bill and his tax proposals and the fact that the Republican Party, which still has a lot of power, certainly the power to say ‘no,’ just refuses to even acknowledge those numbers, much less grapple with them.”

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