A total of 20 presidential candidates appeared in the two Democratic debates this week, making it hard for many of them to stick out from the herd.

However, comedian Samantha Bee is hoping her generous offer will change that.

Bee, who hosts the TBS series “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” announced on Friday that she will happily provide air time to any candidate who wants to announce on her show that they’re dropping out.

“I will throw you a kick-ass dropout party, including acceptable reasons why you’re stepping aside, such as ‘spending more time with my family,’ ‘party unity’ or ‘I am Tulsi Gabbard.’”

Bee also promised that candidates who drop out on “Full Frontal” will be feted with balloons, music and a custom cake of the candidate’s choosing.

That is, unless the cake is red velvet, because in Bee’s mind, “red velvet is for closers.”

You can see Bee’s pitch below.

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