Is Sacha Baron Cohen setting up Donald Trump for something big?

Baron Cohen’s controversial TV series “Who Is America?” ― in which the comedian pranks politicians ― has its season finale Sunday night. It’s possible the episode focuses on Trump, based on a tweet the British comedian posted Thursday afternoon.

The tweet is in the voice of Baron Cohen’s Ali G character, and praises the president as the “Suge Knight of world leaderz,” referring to the infamous Death Row Records co-founder who will soon be tried for murder.

“Yesterday it was proven in de courts dat u iz a crook ― respeck! U is a genuine gangsta!” Baron Cohen said, before giving the president props for “bonin all dem pornstars.”

Yet, Baron Cohen ― or “Ali G” ― had questions.

“Why iz u payin dem money to keep quiet about it?” he asked. “We know it aint coz u haz got a tiny dong, u told everyone it woz massive on da telly, and one fing u ain’t, is a liar.”

— Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) August 23, 2018

You might remember that Baron Cohen had a memorable encounter with the future president back in 2003 on the comedy series “Da Ali G Show,” as the clip below demonstrates.

Trump walked out when he realized it was a prank, as he explained in this 2012 tweet:

I never fall for scams. I am the only person who immediately walked out of my ‘Ali G’ interview

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 30, 2012

But Trump didn’t walk out as quickly as he claimed, Baron Cohen told James Corden in 2016.

The comedian said that Trump was with him for seven minutes.

“Is that a long time for an Ali G interview?” Corden asked.

“Yes,” Baron Cohen said. “Quite a long time.”

The comedian turned Trump’s ire into an ad of sorts for “Who Is America?” Before the show’s premiere earlier this year, he dropped this clip featuring footage of the president slamming Baron Cohen.

A message from your President @realDonaldTrump on Independence Day

— Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) July 4, 2018

Who Is America?” airs Sunday nights on Showtime.


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