Pam Anderson sacrificed a lot to appear in the 2006 comedy “Borat” ― a little bit of bone and her marriage to Kid Rock.

It’s been long rumored that Anderson’s appearance in the Sacha Baron Cohen film caused the end of her brief marriage to the rocker, but the comedian never confirmed it until now, according to The Daily Beast.

Anderson was the only person in the film who knew Cohen was playing a character, Cohen told The Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein in an interview that will be released as part of an upcoming episode of The Last Laugh podcast.

Their scene together involves Cohen’s Borat character attempting to put Anderson in a traditional marriage sack so he can marry her in Kazakhstan. He said she knew in advance about the stunt ― “otherwise, it would have been kidnapping.”

While filming the scene, Anderson clipped her jaw and lost of little bit of bone, Cohen said.

She also lost Kid Rock after he saw the movie in November 2006.

At the time, it was reported that when Kid Rock saw the movie for the first time, he screamed at her, “You’re nothing but a whore! You’re a slut! How could you do that movie?’”

Cohen said when he texted Anderson to see what she and her hubby thought, she replied they were getting divorced. He says when asked her why, she said, “The movie.”

Cohen joked that he’s sorry for causing the split.

“I think they were a fantastic couple, so it’s a shame. Much better than Julian Assange or whoever she dated later on,” he said.

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