Roseanne Barr was set to appear on the Joe Rogan podcast on Friday, according to a now-deleted tweet.

The top TV star blamed Ambien for her recent tweet storm which sent the mainstream media into an uproar.

Is there a move now to de-platform her from even being able to respond to the accusations made against her?

Even in a court of law, defendants who are later found guilty had the chance to respond to the charges made against them.

It’s not known if she will appear on the Joe Rogan podcast, given that she deleted the tweet, but it’s likely Roseanne will seek an interview with a media outlet that’s not outright attacking her currently.

Roseanne was accused of racism after sending out a tweet claiming former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was the lovechild of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes.

“I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks,” Miss Barr tweeted. “I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.”

In response, ABC said it was proud to cancel her sitcom quickly.

The situation brings to mind the 2013 sketch by liberal comedian Bill Maher which compared Donald Trump to an ape:

The Trump joke, however, didn’t trigger uproar from the media.

When conservatives pointed out the hypocrisy, Newsweek claimed the Trump joke was okay because “Barr’s tweet was racially charged, while Maher was likely referencing the president’s signature orange hue.”

Wait a second, isn’t Trump’s “orange hue” his skin tone, aka the color of his skin?

Additionally, during the George W. Bush presidency, liberals compared Bush to a chimpanzee.

Despite the controversy, Roseanne did help shine a light on the Soviet-style disappearance of British journalist Tommy Robinson and the pedophilia scandals erupting worldwide.

Additionally, Roseanne put a public spotlight on the 1998 60 Minutes interview in which socialist billionaire George Soros admitted that in WWII, he helped a Hungarian bureaucrat as he confiscated property from Jews.

Alex Jones made an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast last year, which became Rogan’s top-viewed podcast of all time. It’s worth pointing out that Rogan was pressured to NOT have Alex Jones on the show, but look how it turned out! Below is a segment from the podcast and the full version:

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