Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently popped up at an Apple Store, apparently in need of a little help from the Genius Bar.

Journalist Kelly Cohen shared the image, which she said was taken by a friend at the Georgetown Apple Store:

text from a friend – looks like even robert mueller needs technology help pic.twitter.com/F4UG47kO9l

— kelly cohen (@politiCOHEN_) September 26, 2018

Given that Mueller has said almost nothing since launching the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and alleged collusion with the Donald Trump’s campaign, people began searching the picture for clues. And some came up with theories about the former FBI director’s need for a little tech support:

"Have you tried unplugging your executive branch and then plugging it back in?" https://t.co/SK06ApBEn6

— Eric Lach (@ericlach) September 26, 2018

"Oh I see the problem: The 'Indict' button is loose from over-use."

— Ian Hay (@I_Hay) September 26, 2018


— (((Jayson Kaplan))) (@jaysonkaplan) September 26, 2018

'So, my friend Rod needs a new computer. He has to give up his work laptop soon. What do you suggest?'

— Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) September 26, 2018

“This is stuck on my screen” pic.twitter.com/gApCMNhONJ

— kaplanfx (@kaplanfx) September 26, 2018

"So that's what Toad from Mario Kart looks like"

— Cali fornication (@Kalifornica) September 26, 2018

GENIUS BAR GUY: this thing's shot, sir, but we'll be happy to replace it under warranty. did you have anything sensitive or important stored on there?MUELLER [sweating a little]: yesGENIUS BAR GUY: when was the last time you backed up to the cloud?MUELLER: oh god https://t.co/SKruiDLQNN

— Jay Willis (@jaywillis) September 26, 2018

Mueller: I was watching this video in which a couple of people are inside a Russian hotel and suddenly my laptop crashed.

— Michael Abromowitz (@FootballExpert) September 26, 2018

Genius: “The problem Mr. Mueller is you have the Covfefe virus…”#TrumpPressConference pic.twitter.com/4flG8ytqL2

— Mark Jeffrey (@DarmokAussie) September 27, 2018

Mueller: "I' playing this game Witch Hunt. I think there's something wrong because I keep catching the witches & it keeps sending more at me. Is that right?"Apple Guy: "Yes sir. You see you have the difficulty set to Vietnam Hero/FBI Badass. You got top score."Both: "Nice."

— Brimstone Ashe (@BrimstoneAshe) September 26, 2018

Well here’s the problem Bob. pic.twitter.com/q7xdu0kQUE

— Wine me (@lousy_teacher) September 26, 2018

Apple Genius: "Yes sir, that is indeed Russian writing."Mueller: "Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm"

— Scott Wag (@MrWag001) September 26, 2018

Mueller: I want to set something up that automatically sends email packets to multiple people with the click of one button.Apple Genius: ah! I see, what you want is the Doomsday Device software.

— No BS Democrat (@No_BS_Dem) September 26, 2018

“Well there’s your problem. The passwords have to be entered in Russian or it won’t be recognized.”

— Schrodinger's Rosenstein (@TheBigFoxx) September 26, 2018

“It keeps changing it to ‘ducking’”

— H4R4M8E (@H4R4M8E) September 26, 2018

He had to go to the Apple Store to find a stable genius.

— JenningsWV (@FakeJayRandolph) September 26, 2018

"Please, I want to restore a TimeMachine backup from 7 November 2016"

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