Support for President Trump has increased amid the Democrats’ pursuit of impeachment, Republican National Committee (RNC) polling shows.

The House is soon to vote on an impeachment resolution, which Republicans say does little to nothing to address their mounting concerns. Under the resolution put forth by Democrats, Republicans would not be able to call the “whistleblower” to testify. It also includes a “loophole” that gives Democrats unprecedented power throughout the process.

As Roll Call reports:

Under the House Judiciary procedures, Trump and his counsel will be invited to attend all panel proceedings and ask questions. They can also request additional evidence or witness testimony, but the “committee shall determine whether the suggested evidence is necessary or desirable.”

As RNC polling indicates, the Democrats’ effort appears to be backfiring.

According to surveys of 3,400 likely voters, which were conducted October 1- 24, 2019, on a weekly basis, Trump’s favorability among Republicans has increased amid the House Democrat impeachment efforts. Additionally, Trump’s approval has increased by three points in the RNC’s 17 “target states” since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) announcement of the inquiry.

It also found that, in those 17 target states, voters “oppose Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump from office by a 14-point margin.”

“70% believe this is ‘all politics’ and would prefer Congressional Democrats focus on issues like health care, trade, and the economy,” the survey found.

Impeachment is not resonating with independent voters, who oppose the Democrats’ efforts by a 13-point margin. Similarly, Biden, who backs the impeachment inquiry, is suffering among independents, taking a “31-point hit.”

“A strong majority now view him unfavorably,” the survey found.

Internal polling has consistently shown impeachment remains unpopular, particularly among independent voters As Breitbart News exclusively reported last week, an October RNC memo indicated that independent voters nationwide overwhelming oppose impeachment, with 54 percent in opposition and 34 percent in favor.

As Breitbart News reported:

Among all voters, the memo says support for impeachment has dropped in the past week by five percent—a remarkable shift against the Democrats in just one week, while the president’s support levels have increased across the board, especially among Republicans, with whom he now enjoys a 90 percent approval rating.

The House is slated to vote on the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry resolution Thursday morning.

“What is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy,” Pelosi said on the House floor prior to the vote.

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