Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) attempted to falsely claim at a hearing Wednesday that the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol never happened ― as if there were no video proof.

The Georgia congressman made his comments during a House Oversight Committee hearing on what went wrong in police preparations before the Capitol riot.

“Let me be clear: There was no insurrection,” Clyde said. “And to call it an insurrection, in my opinion, is a bold-faced lie.”

Clyde also claimed that video taken during the insurrection looked like “a normal tourist visit,” even though five people died and more than 100 police officers were injured.

Clyde’s comments were so out of touch with the actual evidence that reporter J.D. Durkin decided to contrast his claims with footage taken at the U.S. Capitol during the attack by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Rep. Andrew Clyde's (R-GA) comments today don't hold up well when played side-by-side with insurrection footage, so I made this.the revisionist history being perpetuated by some Republicans to defend January 6th is disgusting

— j.d. durkin (@jiveDurkey) May 12, 2021

Other people quickly called out Clyde’s B.S., including many of his House colleagues.

I was there that day, @Rep_Clyde. Presiding over the House Chamber. While we were being evacuated I saw people punching the glass doors with bare fists to get in. Desecrating America's Capitol to obstruct Congress. Calling it a "normal tourist visit" is sickening. Shame on you.

— Rep. Jim McGovern (@RepMcGovern) May 12, 2021

"A normal tourist visit."Police officers who responded on January 6 were stabbed, gouged, beaten, suffered broken ribs, and three are no longer with us. Republican leaders defend this kind of lying while they punish those few with the courage to tell the truth. It's despicable.

— Rep. Don Beyer (@RepDonBeyer) May 12, 2021

Republicans aren't just trying to rewrite history. They're telling you not to believe your eyes or trust what you saw. Look at the videos. Listen to the staff and officers. Read the death certificates. The insurrection was anything but "normal" and it won't be erased.

— Katherine Clark (@RepKClark) May 12, 2021

Non-politicians were also shocked by Clyde’s gaslighting.

I totally remember my many tour visits where we smashed doors and windows to enter the building and clashed with the officers… These guys are really playing that "don't believe your eyes" card so hard, aren't they?

— Francesco Francavilla (@f_francavilla) May 12, 2021

These people lie with impunity. And their voters don't give a single s**t about truth, integrity, or DEMOCRACY.

— Ellen Hopkins (@EllenHopkinsLit) May 12, 2021

Rep. Clyde should have to watch this video in a room full of his constituents.

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