A conservative artist has unveiled his latest portrait: an image of President Donald Trump on a red, white and blue motorcycle with first lady Melania Trump sitting behind him as supporters cheer.

Jon McNaughton titled the work “MAGA Ride”:

New Painting – “MAGA Ride” by Jon McNaughtonTrump is maneuvering his way through a corrupt Washington DC, despite the constant bumps and detours imposed upon him. Enjoy the ride… “MAGA RIDE!” About the painting, go to: https://t.co/yrH5Db8QPt pic.twitter.com/WQ2tvlMRtW

— Jon McNaughton (@McNaughtonArt) April 30, 2019

McNaughton explained his painting in a YouTube video:

“I wanted to paint a picture of Trump and Melania on a jacked-up motorcycle totally painted up with the American flag and patriotism as they ride down a bumpy, crumbly road that represent the hazards and the problems that this presidency has faced since Trump has been elected.”

Neither Trump nor the first lady is pictured wearing helmets.

“Get ready,” McNaughton said. “This is the MAGA ride!”

McNaughton tends to paint political and religious art, often showing Trump acting heroically, such as Trump crossing the “swamp” à la George Washington crossing the Delaware.

But when it comes to art, everyone’s a critic ― and many of McNaughton’s critics have made their feelings known on Twitter:

MAGA RIDE pic.twitter.com/zfvKyzwThk

— Bill Corbett (@BillCorbett) May 1, 2019

🎵get your motor runnin'🎵 pic.twitter.com/mgz2YyNSU5

— 🌐IPM 💯🏧💍🌈🚀🚩 (@IPM_HQ) May 1, 2019

MAGA RIDE pic.twitter.com/3qOZJfqRnU

— Gozer the [REDACTED] (@The_Gozerian) May 1, 2019


— Nick Burdon (@the_real_nick_b) May 1, 2019

"MAGA" in the cracks. Is MAGA ruining our highway systems, Jon? What are you trying to say? pic.twitter.com/J1OolypvVW

— Vic Berger IV (@VicBergerIV) May 1, 2019

The most consistently funny artist working today.

— Michael McKean (@MJMcKean) May 1, 2019

When you can't even draw a circle pic.twitter.com/xiBK9XoYd2

— BHodges🎙 (@LifeOnaPlate) May 1, 2019

So close… pic.twitter.com/OVOHkzTpoH

— Gordon Keith (@gordonkeith) May 1, 2019

Theres more people in this painting than his inauguration

— trujillo (@_bitterwater_) April 30, 2019


— Becky (@BeckyYoBabyYo) May 1, 2019


— Funferal, a Funeral (@funferal) April 30, 2019

I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. Not just because it's hilarious imagining @realDonaldTrump trying to ride a motorcycle with Melania on the back, but notice the cracks in the crumbling road spell out MAGA. 🤣 #InfrastructureWeek

— Dumb Trump Face (@DumbTrumpFace) April 30, 2019 Download

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