Some are lamenting the death of the “simp” meme after it was used by a Republican Congressman to criticize Joe Biden’s fealty towards China.

Although its original meaning was “suckers idolizing mediocre pussy, “Simp” is normally used as an insult directed at men who overly praise or lust after e-girls on the Internet.

The growth of OnlyFans and other platforms where girls as young as 18 are encouraged to sell explicit photos and videos to thirsty men led to the popularization of the ‘Simp’ meme at the end of last year into early 2020.

“Simp” has made it to Congressman twitter.

Time to kill the meme.

— K/M/A/R/T (@PrincessKris13) April 22, 2020

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz posted a tweet in which he stated, “Joe Biden has spent 50 years simping for China even as we’re going through this coronavirus.”

The fact that the term has become so popular that it has now seemingly entered political lexicon is the death knell for the meme according to some.

“Simp” has made it to Congressman twitter,” remarked one Twitter user. “Time to kill the meme.”


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