Seattle’s so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has begun reparations, as white members of the fledgling sovereignty were asked on Friday night to give at least one black person $10 before leaving the area.

“I want you to find, by the time you leave this autonomous zone, I want you to give ten dollars to one African American person from this autonomous zone. And if you find that’s difficult – if you find it’s hard for you to give ten dollars to people of color, to black people expecially [sic], you have to think really critically about – in the future, are you going to actually give up power and land and capital when you have it?

If you have a hard time giving up ten dollars, you have to think about: are you really down with this struggle? Are you really down with the movement? Because if that is a challenge for you, I’m not sure if you’re in the right place.

So find an African American person. White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces.You find that African American person and you give them ten dollars. Cash up, venmo, ten dollars in your pocket. That’s my challenge to you. Do it.“

I wonder how many just sent a text: “Hey mom & dad, can I borrow $10?”

— Diane Murray (@DianeRMurray) June 13, 2020

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is currently controlled by roving warlord and aspiring hip hop artist Raz Simone, who has established a private police force that is quick to dole out beatings to opponents of the regime.

Meanwhile, CHAZ’s efforts at gardening appear to be ill-fated. Perhaps they will cross their fortified borders into the United States to resupply at the local Whole Foods.

HAHAHAHAHA this is the antifa “garden.”

This almost makes me want to believe in god because truly seeing something this absolutely insane, this totally degraded and dumb, has to be a miracle.

— Styxhexenhammer666 (@Styx666Official) June 13, 2020

And the Antifa Republic’s tolerance for religion is somewhat lacking:

Antifa swarms a street preacher in Seattle Autonomous Zone

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) June 13, 2020

The confrontation continued in the CHAZ/CHOP as the “Christ Zone” guy accused someone of stealing his phone. A person came up and said, “Mental health, we got this.” To which another person said, “No, you don’t ‘got this!’”

It was eventually resolved.

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) June 13, 2020

Antifastan update:

‘You seem like Nazi scum’

‘I’m Jewish’

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) June 13, 2020

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