Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, joined “America Reports” Friday to call on Congress to unite behind Israel after a significant rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes and addressed “certain members of Congress” for engaging in anti-Israel rhetoric.

MCCAUL: We have seen it going on for a while, but just recently with Hamas claiming victory, and really its propaganda coming out of the terrorist organization trying to influence the Palestinians. Remember they were poised to take over the Palestinian elections, this is part of their political manipulation of the Palestinians. Unfortunately, they are winning. 

You see so much social media out there that is anti-Semitic. The Anti-Defamation League said there were 20,000 tweets saying Hitler was right. This is on the rise. What I find particularly disturbing is certain members of Congress are engaged in this anti-Israel, anti-Semitic behavior and language. I think it has no place in the halls of Congress. We need to stand united by our strongest ally in the Middle East and that is Israel.

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