Rachel Maddow on Friday focused how President Donald Trump has once again been left scrambling to downplay his relationship with a former adviser facing federal charges.

The MSNBC host speculated how the arrest of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon — and his potential to reveal negative information about the president — might be on Trump’s mind throughout the Republican National Convention next week.

“I mean that’s not the normal background noise while the nominating conventions are happening,” said Maddow. “If you are running against an incumbent president, the incumbent president doesn’t usually do you the favor of having their third straight campaign chief arrested on the day that the opposition party picks its nominee.”

Bannon, who served as a top aide on Trump’s 2016 campaign, was arrested Thursday on federal fraud charges. He and three others are accused of embezzling donations to an online “We Build The Wall” crowd-funding campaign. Bannon has pleaded not guilty.

Check out Maddow’s comments here:

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