Rachel Maddow on Wednesday pointed out what she believes is the “fundamental” problem with President Donald Trump’s main reelection campaign message.

The MSNBC host noted how Trump continues to conduct his campaign against Democratic rival Joe Biden “mostly on the grounds that America is burning, that American cities are all on fire and burning down and they’re terrible hellscapes.”

Maddow said life just isn’t like that in most cities and explained why it is an “awkward” message from the president.

“Because the president right now is Donald Trump, while he says all this terrible stuff is happening around the country,” she said. “The president’s reelection campaign is now based, fundamentally, more than anything else, on this premise that this horrible urban hellscape that we are living in now is the future that’s in store for the country once Joe Biden is elected president.”

“Well if this hellscape exists now, why is it here when you are president, dude?” Maddow asked. “It does not compute, right? This is not logical stuff.”

Check out Maddow’s comments here:

The fundamental message of Trump's campaign right now is, "See how terrible things are? Keep me in charge so this won't happen."??? pic.twitter.com/Vq9DTQv8Ne

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