A raccoon has climbed more than 20 floors high on an office building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The adventurous animal was first spotted Monday on a second-story ledge of the Town Square building. On Tuesday, when building workers tried to coax it down, the little critter scurried over to the nearby UBS Plaza tower and climbed all the way to the 22nd floor, where he took a nap.

Photos and videos posted on social media highlighted the unfolding drama:

My picture from the 13th floor around noon. Hope he makes it down OK! #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/gfVWysn9iO

— Ben (@Johnson88Ben) June 12, 2018

Follow the steep and scary journey of the #mprraccoon up St. Paul's UBS Tower…https://t.co/A6mU2IwYXS pic.twitter.com/0BogZE8y7S

— KARE 11 (@kare11) June 12, 2018

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Safety and Inspections, which oversees animal control, told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that they planned to set a trap with food at the top of the building.

“This morning we were talking about this. We didn’t see it and thought, ‘It went away — that’s great!’” Laurie Brickley told the publication. “The next thing we know he’s on the 22nd floor.”

The #mprraccoon is doing a little grooming now that he's a social media star. You know, on a 23rd floor window ledge. @MPRnews pic.twitter.com/pGcwh7OJ6L

— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 12, 2018

For now, the 23rd-floor ledge ― nearly the top of the building ― has become the raccoon’s resting spot.

Godspeed on your journey ahead.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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