(CNN)Purdue Pharma told CNN it is involved in settlement talks with regards to a trial in Ohio where over 2,000 municipalities and Native American governments are suing the company.

Purdue did not confirm a specific monetary amount for the potential settlement. NBC first reported the settlement talks. The network, citing two people familiar with the mediation, reported that Purdue is offering between $10 and $12 billion dollars to settle.Purdue says while it will “defend itself vigorously” as it sees “little good coming from years of wasteful litigation and appeals,” the company is actively working on a solution with the state attorneys general and other plaintiffs.The federal trial is set to begin on October 21, said Cuyahoga County’s attorney Frank Gallucci. Read MoreThe first cases in Ohio starting with Summit County and Cuyahoga County are part of the larger consolidated case involving 2,000 cities, counties, communities and tribal lands that have been rolled into one. It is unclear if these two northeastern Ohio counties are part of current settlement negotiations with Purdue.Talks of a potential settlement come on the heels of a landmark decision in Oklahoma, where a judge ordered on Monday that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is to pay $572 million for its role in the state’s opioid crisis.Oklahoma previously reached settlements with two other opioid drugmakers: a $270 million settlement with Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, and an $85 million settlement with Teva Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading providers of generic drugs.

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