Stunning video recorded by a local CBS affiliate captures the aftermath of a bus that was swallowed by a giant sink hole that opened up in downtown Pittsburgh during the Monday morning rush hour.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene after the entire back half of a Port Authority bus went into the ground at Penn Avenue and 10th Street just before 8am as the gaping hole opened up. A statement by the city’s Port Authority indicated the bus “was stopped at a red light when the hole opened underneath it.”

Image source: Tribune Review

Only two people, including the diver, were on the bus when the sink hold opened up and both were able to escape, one with a minor injury — though initially authorities worried there may have been up to ten on the bus.

Currently the front half of the bus is sticking up in the air, and efforts to remove the vehicle are expected to take all day, with surrounding streets and at least one block shut down.

Incredible video of the bus in the sink hole downtown at 10th and Penn. You can see water spraying under the roadway.

— Heather Abraham (@KDKAHeather) October 28, 2019

According to a CBS affiliate on the scene:

Officials say it will take quite sometime to remove the bus. Afternoon rush hour traffic and fans looking for parking before tonight’s Pittsburgh Steelers game at Heinz Field could be impacted.

More video. @PGHtransit says no one was injured.

— Heather Abraham (@KDKAHeather) October 28, 2019

It’s further reported that the city could possibly need two large cranes in order to remove the bus from the crater.

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Image source: Tribune Review

Other reports say tow trucks are on the scene. The incident is expected to create gridlock throughout the day in the downtown area.

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