Pockets of demonstrators gathered at U.S. Postal Service locations across the country Saturday to “save the post office from Donald Trump” and to call for the resignation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy as part of a protest movement spearheaded by liberal political group MoveOn.

At least 800 protests were scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. local time in towns and cities nationwide.

Videos and photos of the demonstrations shared on social media showed protesters of all ages cheering for postal workers as they drove by in mail trucks. The protesters held signs with messages such as “Protect the USPS,” “Stamp Out Fascism,” “USPS Delivers Democracy” and “Return Trump to Sender.”

Woke up early to show support for postal workers and the @USPS. #SavethePostOffice #USPSProtests #Votebymail pic.twitter.com/qZ86hEhtxI

— Grace Lee (@anothergracelee) August 22, 2020

Wow what an amazing morning! In about 24 hours I organized a #SaveThePostOffice rally outside of one of our local USPS sites. I’m thankful to all the neighbors who came out. We represented #nycha, LES, East Village, StuyTown, Gramercy, Kips Bay. Message is clear #DeJoyMustGo pic.twitter.com/NCmnE5flSE

— John M. Blasco 白斯高 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 (@JBlascoNYC) August 22, 2020

Proud to join my constituents in Fairfax County to say “Don’t mess with our mail delivery!”#SaveThePostOffice #SaveThePostalService #SaveUSPSSaturday #SaveThePostOfficeSaturday #SaveUSPSVote2020 pic.twitter.com/01CHyTxAVA

— Mark L. Keam (@MarkKeam) August 22, 2020

Protesters gather at the Alamo Heights Post Office as part of a national call to action to save the post office and support the right to vote by mail. @ExpressNews pic.twitter.com/FwJLqpO9bp

— vincentdavis (@vincentdavis) August 22, 2020

#SaveThePostOfficeSaturday #SaveThePostOffice #USPS We had huge support. People Honking, 👋 Waving, and Thumbs Up 👍! All ages helping out.@maddow @MaddowBlog pic.twitter.com/dt0Fk8c2eA

— Students Deserve Better🛹🥀 (@mlwalz) August 22, 2020

Save the US Postal Service! Our local protest. What can we do? Contact Congress to support HR #8015 The public was mostly w/ us (honks, waves, thumbs-up gestures) but I was bewildered by the 5 middle fingers we got. Who objects to this? #SaveThePostOffice #USPS #SaveTheUSPS pic.twitter.com/lKvaU2nacH

— Alex Dresner is #StayingHome (@madDoctorAlex) August 22, 2020

#SaveThePostOffice Disappointed my local branch didn’t have the Suffragist stamps yet so I purchased “Celebrate” stamps you honor @USPS Lots of positive honks from drivers and over 50 participants and I think @WUMBradio was there interviewing pic.twitter.com/DH8NcennKX

— Colleen Kirby (⧖) (@kirby_cho) August 22, 2020

Hey ⁦@RepColinAllred⁩ ⁦@SenTedCruz⁩ ⁦@JohnCornyn⁩ In #Dallas a socially-distanced rally may not look impressive, but 2 dozen people who stand in heat and the MANY drivers who honk represent LOTS of Americans! ⁦@waltshaub@MoveOn#SaveThePostOffice pic.twitter.com/4eqKTjTSoR

— Ann Drumm (@anndrumm) August 22, 2020

We are masked, socially distant, and defending our post office. #SaveThePostOffice @IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn pic.twitter.com/0bqSUn2TF2

— IndivisibleWMD (@IndivisibleWMD) August 22, 2020

Thanks to all who showed up to our rally in Fair Lawn today to #SaveThePostOffice! Don't forget to also contact your representatives to ask them to fight for the post office as well: https://t.co/waPwCCwWLm@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn pic.twitter.com/uGw1gaxy4N

— Indivisible NJ-05 (@indivisibleNJ5) August 22, 2020

A great outpouring of support, where it all began. The Ben Franklin Post Office. #SaveThePostOffice pic.twitter.com/9LXRyBMiRI

— Vincent Stehle (@VinceDaily) August 22, 2020

Rally to #SaveThePostOffice in Austin would not be complete without live music! Thanks to Swerve Left for the great #SaveTheUSPS 🎶 🎸👏🏽 @indivisibleATX @MoveOn pic.twitter.com/8SNd6lOsll

— YRUMarchingTX? (@YRUMarchingTX) August 22, 2020

Nice crowd of 80+ us at a local PO on Chicago’s Northside. Looooots of seniors!#SaveThePostOfficeSaturday #SaveTheUSPS pic.twitter.com/KcZ3tuOixw

— Eric Arthur Berg (@yaoberg) August 22, 2020

#SaveThePostOfficeEvery voice matters. Our big rally in tiny Fairview, NC#SaveThePostOfficeSaturday #saveUSPS#supportpostalworkers#stampoutDeJoy pic.twitter.com/zXEmQB57Nv

— Renae Ingram (@TwoGirlsTurq) August 22, 2020

Postal workers for @USPS in @CityofDenver gathered this morning voicing their concerns for what they say are attacks on their institution. They tell me they want congress to take action to #SaveThePostOffice. I’ll have the full story on @CBSDenver at 5p #SaveThePostOfficeSaturday pic.twitter.com/WrEG9BA7nk

— Kati Weis (@KatiWeis) August 22, 2020

Outside my hometown post office, demanding we #SaveThePostOffice ! #MadisonChenangoCallToAction #HamiltonNY #StandUpFightBack pic.twitter.com/YPXEz9ZttS

— Leah Clay-Youman (@leahrcy1) August 22, 2020

The protests took place on the same day the House voted to allocate more funds to the Postal Service, a notoriously underfunded organization that is expected to play a critical role in this year’s general election.

A majority of voters are expected to cast ballots by mail in the November election as the coronavirus pandemic makes in-person voting less viable. But fears have mounted about whether the Postal Service will be up to the task of handling the onslaught of mail ballots as DeJoy implemented cost-cutting measures that have reportedly delayed already sluggish mail delivery.

The Postal Service itself warned several states that some ballots may not be delivered on time to be counted. At least 20 states sued DeJoy, a close ally of Trump’s, for implementing cost-cutting measures that the suits argue will stymie “free and fair elections.”

DeJoy said this week that he will suspend operational changes to the Postal Service until after the election as he faced increased scrutiny over his leadership. But postal workers warned that some changes — including the reported destruction of mail-sorting machines — have already wrought significant damage to an already fragile organization.

In response to a request for comment on Saturday, a Postal Service spokesman directed HuffPost to a statement on its website that, among other points, stressed the agency’s capacity to handle election mail volume.

“The Postal Service is ready to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives. Postmaster General DeJoy’s number one priority is to deliver election mail on time and within the Postal Service’s well-established standards. To put it in context, the Postal Service delivers 433 million pieces of mail a day. Even if all Americans were to vote by mail this year, 330 million ballots over the course of the election would be only three-quarters of what the Postal Service delivers in one single day.”


— U.S. Postal Service (@USPS) August 21, 2020

The House bill to provide $25 billion to the Postal Service passed along party lines on Saturday. The Senate, however, is expected to block the legislation, and the White House on Friday threatened to veto it.

Trump, who has repeatedly touted the baseless claim that mail-in voting will lead to widespread fraud, admitted earlier this month to pushing back against Democrats’ demands for more Postal Service funding because of his opposition to “universal mail-in voting.”

“Now they need that money in order to make the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,” he said in an interview on Fox Business. “But if they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting.”

Trump later insisted that he wouldn’t veto a bill just because it included Postal Service funding. But the White House said this week that it would block the House bill because it “would arbitrarily give USPS $25 billion in ‘emergency’ taxpayer funding, without linking that funding to either the COVID-19 pandemic or the upcoming election.”

Democrats are attempting to “exploit the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext for placing counterproductive restrictions on USPS’s already limited operational flexibilities,” the White House said in a statement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back against this narrative on Saturday, saying the bill is an effort to “reject the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine the critical mission of the Postal Service.”

Today, the House will take a stand and reject the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine the critical mission of the Postal Service. #DontMessWithUSPSTune in as I speak with reporters at 12 noon ET: https://t.co/2fi357l3G3

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) August 22, 2020

This story has been updated with a Postal Service statement and more information about the House bill’s passage.

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