The Trump campaign has released a devastating new ad highlighting Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s use of a teleprompter to get through interviews.

The ad takes clips of various instances Biden staffers struggled to answer whether he uses a teleprompter in interviews.

Trump’s campaign promo also shows several times Biden himself gestured for a teleprompter’s script to move up, demonstrating he is in fact using it during interviews.

Biden’s campaign manager and press secretary recently refused to directly answer whether Biden employs a teleprompter in his interviews after footage from a recent interview showed the reflection of what appeared to be a teleprompter in the reflection of a framed photo Biden was showing off to interviewer James Corden.

What is this?

— Cernovich (@Cernovich) September 12, 2020

The twitter algorithm will apparently give a warning to users of pedophilia over the Joe Biden clips where he is a bit too close with children.

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