A Donald Trump supporter speaking at a rally held Tuesday in Washington, D.C., apparently thought having a “mass-spreader event” was a good thing.

The speaker, later identified as podcast host Clay Clark, told event attendees that COVID-19 was a hoax and then invited them hug each other at the event in Freedom Plaza.

“Turn to the person next to you and give them a hug, someone you don’t know,” Clark said. “Go hug somebody. Go ahead and spread it out, mass spreader. It’s a mass-spreader event! It’s a mass-spreader event! It’s a mass-spreader event!”

Clark also made a point to say he was open to hugs despite being in a committed relationship.

“There you go. Hug it out!” he added. “I’m married but if you want to give me a hug too, you can do that.”

"I'm going to give everyone three action steps … turn to the person next to you and give them a hug. Someone you don't know … it's a mass-spreader event! It's a mass-spreader event!" pic.twitter.com/NVRN9HdzSl

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 5, 2021

Considering that the pandemic’s death toll recently ticked past 350,000 nationwide, many Twitter users couldn’t believe Clark was seriously trying to put his fellow citizens at risk.

you might call this a dar-win https://t.co/YEibb0E2KJ

— Challenger (@bakedinapie) January 5, 2021

Oy… I like spend years studying for my doctorate in epidemiology… …and he… he just like… blurted it out. Mass spreader event indeed. #COVID19 https://t.co/buQA8UJY6d

— Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) January 5, 2021

"I'm married, but you can hug me" is the most exasperating thing I've heard in a long time. Dude believes sin is communicable via physical contact, but an airborne virus is not. https://t.co/b1147Y0rN1

— Dave Holmes (@DaveHolmes) January 5, 2021

Lemmings. https://t.co/gUciw2L4sP

— Michael McKean (@MJMcKean) January 5, 2021

It's like Catholic mass if Catholic mass was sick, evil, stupid and vile. https://t.co/le1sIOOQVS

— Eric Owens (@ericowensdc) January 5, 2021

Jonestown 2021 https://t.co/QqfBEm2Hmx

— Tim Baysinger (@tim_bays) January 5, 2021

.@StephenKing couldn’t write something more horrific than what happens below https://t.co/b5EVaI5qob

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) January 5, 2021 HuffPost testPromoTitleReplace testPromoDekReplace Join HuffPost Today!No thanks. HuffPost Important conversations are happening now. Add your voice! Join HuffPost Today! Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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