Most Americans have received over three coronavirus shots, a poll from The Economist/YouGov found.

The survey, released this week, took a look at the number of coronavirus shots Americans have received since the vaccine rollout almost two years ago.

Overall, 72 percent said they have received at least one shot, while 28 percent said they have not received any shot whatsoever.

The survey continued, asking the vaccinated to reveal how many shots they have had. Perhaps unexpectedly, most, 58 percent, said they have received “at least three shots,” while 33 percent said they have received at least two shots, and nine percent said one.

However, Americans seem to be slowing after three shots, as 69 percent, overall, said they have only had three shots — no more than that. Yet, most indicated that they desire to get another— 45 percent said they want one eventually, compared to 27 percent who said “right away” and 28 percent who said they do not want any more.

Half of those vaccinated also indicate that they desire to get a booster shot tailored to new variants, but most are iffy on the effectiveness of the “new variant-specific shot” — which the FDA approved without human testing — as just 16 percent expressed confidence that it will be “very effective.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is among those who made that point as well.

He said during a Thursday press conference.

If it wasn’t for people like me, they would want to mandate these new boosters that are coming out, which weren’t even– Fauci says we don’t have time for a clinical trial. Okay, well, why should that be forced on anybody then? I mean, give me a break. They did eight mice, and then they’re gonna try to force you to take this?

Vaccine advocates originally pitched the shots as a way to prevent the virus and stop the transmission of the virus — both of which proved to be untrue. President Biden is among those who touted vaccine misinformation. In July 2021, Biden stated that vaccinated individuals could not get the virus. Months later, he suggested that vaccinated individuals do not spread the disease — another major falsehood.

The quadruple vaccinated president would, months later, contract the virus himself, but the administration continues to advocate for more booster shots, even floating the idea of an annual jab.

The survey was taken September 10-13, 2022, among 1,500 U.S. citizens.

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