Fifty-eight percent of voters say President Joe Biden should take a cognitive health test and reveal the results to the American public, a McLaughlin & Associates poll released Friday showed.

The poll asked respondents, “Do you think Joe Biden should take a cognitive health test and release it publicly?” Fifty-eight percent said yes, while 30 percent said no. Eighteen percent refused to answer.

Only fluctuating three points, the percentage of people who want Biden to publicly disclose a cognitive test has remained relatively consistent since December, according to McLaughlin & Associates polling data.

The poll also found that 50 percent of voters believe it is “likely” Vice President Kamala Harris will become the president before President Joe Biden ends his four-year term.

The polling comes after Biden flashed a notecard with detailed instructions on how to act as commander in chief. “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants,” the note card instructed Biden. “YOU take YOUR seat.”

Twitter erupted over Biden’s instructive notecard:

Holy shit.

Biden is so senile that his staff had to write on a notecard: “YOU take YOUR seat.”

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) June 24, 2022

YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.

YOU take YOUR seat.

YOU give brief comments.

YOU thank participants.

YOU depart.

Totally normal stuff here. I'm sure every global leader needs step by step directions for walking into a room.

— Cabot Phillips (@cabot_phillips) June 23, 2022

Next time someone tries to tell you Joe Biden isn’t a geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House, show them this.

He needs a notecard with step by step directions telling him what to do, including “YOU take YOUR seat”.

This is beyond embarrassing.

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) June 23, 2022

According to an April poll, a majority of voters believe Biden is unfit to be president and doubt his mental ability. Fifty-three percent of respondents said they had “doubts” about his mental ability. Sixty-two percent said he is not fit to be president because he is too old.

Last week, Biden made another mistake by falling off his bike after his foot got stuck in a cage pedal. He also has struggled to climb Air Force One stairs, tripping and stumbling:

NOW – Biden falls off bike on Delaware ride with

— (@disclosetv) June 18, 2022

President Joe Biden trips climbing the stairs to Air Force 1

— The Hill (@thehill) March 19, 2021

The McLaughlin poll sampled 1,000 voters from June 17-22. No margin of error was provided.

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