Many of President Trump's critics shamed both themselves and the United States when they refused to acknowledge a White House victory after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in a U.S. military raid, according to Piers Morgan.

There was a nationwide celebration when Usama bin Laden was killed under then-President Barack Obama's watch, but not so over the weekend after the ISIS leader died, Morgan told "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"My mind went back to when Usama bin Laden was killed," he said.

"I was in New York City that night. There was widespread jubilation throughout New York, throughout Washington, throughout America. This was a unified response from a country jubilant at seeing the end of the grisly demise of the leader of Al Qaeda. Compare and contrast the reaction yesterday — to the demise of Baghdadi."


Piers Morgan on Democrats hating Trump more than al-BaghdadiVideo

Morgan blasted baseball fans at Nationals Park in Washington who booed Trump during his appearance there, saying people should respect the office even if they didn't like the president.

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"The office of the presidency deserves more respect than I saw last night, particularly in light of what had happened a few hours earlier," he said.

"I thought the thousands of Americans who thought that was the right way to respond shamed themselves and they shamed their country," he said, adding he also read many similar responses on Twitter.

Prior to Morgan's interview, host Tucker Carlson played clips of several media personalities largely refusing to compliment Trump after the raid, including former CIA analyst Philip Mudd, who said on CNN it was wrong for the president to celebrate a death, no matter the individual.

"You do not celebrate death — I don't care if it's a terrorist, I don't care if it's someone you hate — a human being has died, we do not celebrate that," Mudd said.

During his interview, Morgan said he instead appreciated Trump's detailed account of al-Baghdadi's demise.

"I quite enjoyed the gory details the president gave us about that sniveling coward's last few seconds on this Earth," he remarked.

"Yesterday should've been a great day for America, a great day for the world.


"Instead, the narrative is, 'let's try to find where Trump went wrong in the way he spoke about it.'"

Morgan said many people appeared furious that Trump "may have done something right" and that they "just believe in screaming at anyone who doesn't fit their narrow worldview."

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