Pete Buttigieg didn’t get bugged when he had an unexpected encounter on Monday with a bee.

The Democratic presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was speaking in Elkader, Iowa, when the insect suddenly appeared and landed right on his tie.

“Well, that’s an unexpected visitor,” he said. “I guess I’m just that sweet.”

When the bee refused to buzz off, Buttigieg carefully took off his tie so the bee could be taken safely outside without being harmed.

Buttigieg explained that his careful approach was based on personal experience.

“I’m proceeding cautiously because I may be the only person you know who actually knows what bee venom tastes like,” he said. “I bit into a sandwich once that had a visitor like this. And now I’m rather cautious around bees.”

Once the bee was taken to greener pastures, Buttigieg continued his speech without any more interruptions from the animal kingdom.

You can see the encounter here:

"Well, that's an unexpected visitor," Pete Buttigieg jokes as a bee lands on his tie in Iowa and refuses to leave. "I guess I'm just that sweet."Buttigieg ends up removing his tie so the bee could be brought outside.

— ABC News (@ABC) September 23, 2019

The calm way Buttigieg handled the moment appealed to his true “bee-lievers.”

In honor of the newest member of #TeamPete 🐝@Lis_Smith @Rodericka17 @kyrsielaine#PeteForAmerica #WinTheEra

— 💙 Imagine Pete 2020 💛 (@HelloLynne4Ever) September 23, 2019

#PeteButtigieg is demonstrating us how he will handle Trump on stage. Just like this Bee, you can't ignore it but get rid of it ASAP and move on. Nice one, Pete! 👍👍😍 #PeteForAmerica #PeteWave #WinTheEra

— wanda4jamesji (@Wanda31232893) September 23, 2019

Pete needs to “BEE” our next President 🇺🇸 And please share more on Buttigieg.

— Toledo4Pete2020 (@Pete2020Toledo4) September 24, 2019

It’s gonna BEE alright….Mayor Pete has everything under control. 🐝

— CarrieAnn 🌸 (@OneCopaceticCAT) September 23, 2019

However, one Twitter user suspected Buttigieg’s opponents might use the encounter to sting him.

Waiting for FOX news to say the bee is a socialist clinging to radical left wing ideals..

— Another Opinionated New Yorker (@DaveLabelsNyc) September 23, 2019

Although it’s possible the sweet exchange might help Buttigieg win the support of America’s honeybees, it probably won’t translate to votes.

The average lifespan of a bee is between 122-152 days, well below the legal voting age of 18.

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