The sandwich chain Subway is typically in the business of feeding people, not freaking them out.

However, some Twitter users were unnerved by a high-concept artsy film short that is somehow really an ad for the fast-food giant.

Fast Company reports the ad aired in Brazil in 2016, a detail that Subway confirmed to HuffPost.

However, the ad went viral on Twitter Thursday after Twitter user Ryan Simmons tweeted out the video.

got another capitalism greatest hit. i will give you one hundred thousand dollars if you can guess the brand by the end

— Ryan Simmons (@rysimmons) June 27, 2019

Simmons tried to explain confusing details about the ad to his followers.

FAQ:Q: Is this real?A: Real as you and me.Q: Who made it?A: A firm called Stink (!) out of their Brazil office with director Salsa (?)Q: Is that a little boy peeing?A: Yes.Q: I got it right on the first guess.A: That's not a question, and no you did not.

— Ryan Simmons (@rysimmons) June 27, 2019

MORE FAQ:Q: Is he peeping on his mom?A: I don't think so, but anything's possible.Q: Is the sandwich artist the girl he kissed?A: See above.Q: When he shaves his head after the heartbreak, is he becoming an incel?A: Without a doubt, 100% yes.

— Ryan Simmons (@rysimmons) June 27, 2019

The short film did inspire strong and strange reactions from many Twitter users.

Some people wondered about its purpose.

It's such a confusing ad. Was shook when Subway popped up at the end. I was thinking like a healthcare company or something like that.

— Fun Guy (@maxdijion) June 27, 2019

I am so angry! His whole life culminated to be standing in a smelly Subway? He traveled the world as a privileged man-boy to only end up in a freaking smelly Subway. Is this a suicide prevention ad?? Is there a hotline number??

— janeÞ🇮🇸 #ProLifePens (@nopittie) June 27, 2019

Some had questions.

Why is there bullying, sexual mischief and peeping(family??) in a Subway ad

— Jon Strong (@jondstrong) June 27, 2019

Like, is the sandwich artist the girl he kissed in the lake? Or was all the angst and Britney head-shaving just leading him to his one true sandwich, the pinnacle of his adolescence?

— caro (@carowek) June 27, 2019

Others saw opportunity.

need a debate question tonight about the subway ad

— elizabeth bruenig (@ebruenig) June 27, 2019

@SUBWAY you making anymore ads sometime soon? Got a great sci-fi horror, that really screams veggie delight on hearty Italian

— Will Watson (@Will_Watson343) June 27, 2019

Some people speculated about the origin of the ad.

I feel like the agency made the ad for someone else but they balked at the price so they just cut their losses and sold it to subway for a foot long

— Tizzy McDizzy (@DerbyDayNYC) June 27, 2019

Others lost their appetite.

I was literally eating a Subway sandwich when I watched it and now I never wanna go there again so they should fire their ad consultants or whatever

— Aidan Lardner (@ajlardner95) June 27, 2019

And at least one person thought Subway was taking a needless risk with the ad, concerning the scandal that erupted in 2015 when former spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 and a half years in federal prison for child pornography and sex charges.

Don’t you think you should not use children in your ads till at least Jared is outta prison?

— Tuvy Ryebaert (@kingtuvy) June 27, 2019 Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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