President Donald Trump’s latest public schedule perplexed many people on Twitter Monday night.

The White House press office revealed that Trump would on Tuesday “work from early in the morning until late in the evening” and “make many calls and have many meetings.” Several journalists shared the statement on social media, including the BBC’s Jon Sopel:

This is from the ⁦@WhiteHouse⁩ press office, detailing ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ engagements for tomorrow.

— Jon Sopel (@BBCJonSopel) January 5, 2021

The tone of the statement and its lack of details set Twitter alight.

Some critics likened it to something from a children’s book or North Korean propaganda. Others imagined what kind of calls Trump would make:

Sounds like something from a child's picture book called The President's Day

— Sane English (@SaneEnglish) January 4, 2021

Dear @DPRK_News: Is one of your employees interning at the White House?

— Eric Owens (@ericowensdc) January 4, 2021

And drink many glasses of covfefe and eat many hamberders.

— Kate Smith (@KateSmithAZ) January 4, 2021

Morning: finger painting, milk & cookies, nap. Afternoon: building blocks, roly poly, musical chairs, lunch. Evening: cartoons, dinner, bedtime story, nighty night.

[email protected] (@Artie502) January 4, 2021

Sounds like a Ladybird Children's Book

— Lucy Sussex (@LucySussex) January 4, 2021

Ralph Wiggum was promoted to Press Secretary.

— Mario Canseco (@mario_canseco) January 5, 2021

Everyone says he makes the many-est calls. Just beautiful calls, the most many-est beautiful calls you’ve ever seen.

— Peter Hodgson (@iheartguitar) January 4, 2021

He will work tirelessly fighting reality and twisting arms to procure election fraud in as many states as will take his calls.

— Debatably Blonde🇺🇸😷🌊 (@JEandJL) January 5, 2021

You know, a lot of people are saying that nobody has ever done as many meetings or had as many phone calls.

— David Gillespie (@gillespi) January 5, 2021

Me: "Yeah hi boss. I'm planning on working from early in the morning until late in the evening. Don't worry though, I will make many calls and have many meetings. Sound good?"Boss: "Pack your s***."

— WhatIfBarackOrHillarySaidIt 🚨L-F-G Georgia!!🚨 (@IfBarack) January 5, 2021

He will talk on the phone and commit more extortion and blackmail.

— Don Winslow (@donwinslow) January 4, 2021

Then at tea time he has a ride in the toot-toot-chugga-chugga big red car:

— Shaun Keaveny (@shaunwkeaveny) January 5, 2021

I have made vastly more complex plans for a 5-year-old's play date.

— Quentin Hardy (@qhardy) January 5, 2021

Was it written in crayon?

— ColonelTom (@ColonelTom_) January 4, 2021

The President's public schedule is a 2nd grade oral report by Ralph Wiggum.

— BILL OAKLEY (@thatbilloakley) January 5, 2021

My day will unfold in much the same way. And I’m retired.

— Paul Hunter (@hunterhockey) January 5, 2021

Me explaining to my wife why I can't help with the kids in the evening:

— Jeff Asher (@Crimealytics) January 5, 2021

Trump is pathetic

— Colin Hanks (@ColinHanks) January 5, 2021

He is strong like bull

— Jeff Timmer (@jefftimmer) January 5, 2021

My schedule has more specifics than the president's and I'm an improv comedian.

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