“Veep” creator Armando Iannucci put out a call for some penguin-themed mocking of President Donald Trump on Thursday, and people on Twitter did him proud.

Proposal: If you take any piece of footage of Trump in a White House meeting, and replaced Trump with a penguin, the expressions on the faces of everyone else in the room would still work. Twitter, let’s see what you can do.

— Armando Iannucci (@Aiannucci) September 6, 2018

Iannucci mused on the social media platform about how “the expressions on the faces of everyone else in the room would still work” if “any piece of footage of Trump in a White House meeting” was replaced with a penguin.

“Twitter, let’s see what you can do,” he wrote.

Here’s how his followers responded:


— John Stansfield (@johnwinsagain) September 6, 2018


— Ben Towle (@ben_towle) September 6, 2018


— ahaufstop (@ahaufstop) September 6, 2018


— Tom (@tommo_tv) September 6, 2018


— Unnamed Insider (@Unnamedinsider) September 6, 2018

#TrumpReplacedByPenguin pic.twitter.com/lghkY2w1Ku

— James Berg (@JB_Picaroons) September 6, 2018

@F7065 pic.twitter.com/1Y7dtsIuek

— Chris Madra (@ChrisMadra) September 6, 2018


— Gareth Bellamy (@thebellow) September 6, 2018


— James Berg (@JB_Picaroons) September 6, 2018

Works both ways. pic.twitter.com/dYyKs3n3GO

— MJRLintott (@Moigal_) September 6, 2018

https://t.co/hEXAqYxcPl pic.twitter.com/hMIWa7cVhZ

— Chayground (@chayground) September 6, 2018


— Dr Adam Levy (@ClimateAdam) September 6, 2018


— Christopher (@BlueprintPod) September 6, 2018

@Aiannucci #TrumpReplacedByPenguin pic.twitter.com/ToSfXMe67D

— Jump (@jump_design) September 6, 2018

Angie enjoys the fun she doesn't have with that bloody penguin. pic.twitter.com/ZrP832z5OB

— X TravellingTheWorlds met Peter Capaldi ?❤❤?? (@TravellingTheW1) September 6, 2018

#replacetrumpwithapenguin pic.twitter.com/HRWP5WvPYY

— Cybernaticus (@Cybernaticus) September 6, 2018

He looks pretty pleased with himself. pic.twitter.com/hrQsoi6y32

— mr_twig (@mr_twig) September 6, 2018

@Aiannucci They love it when he signs the executive orders #TrumpReplacedByPenguin #TrumPenguin pic.twitter.com/DucxvbYNEb

— HappyToast ★ (@IamHappyToast) September 6, 2018

Not a Whitehouse meeting, but….. #ReplaceTrumpWithAPenguin pic.twitter.com/M8BQPHFQJp

— Alexander Jones (@BigAlexJones) September 6, 2018

This almost makes him seem too likable. pic.twitter.com/AEF9R6SGnf

— AL'S TOY BARN (@Alex_kw92) September 6, 2018

A historic moment pic.twitter.com/Npjzh89ASY

— Chris Nunn (@trig1988) September 6, 2018

#replaceTrumpwithapenguin pic.twitter.com/fXeprBlSq5

— Dylan Brady (@dylanfbrady) September 6, 2018


— Matt Crivelli (@MattCrivelli) September 6, 2018


— Tom (@tommo_tv) September 6, 2018

Like this? #TrumpReplacedByPenguin pic.twitter.com/lqiR2cIzuB

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