Grunge rockers Pearl Jam are in hot water over a concert poster depicting a burning White House with an eagle picking at a skeleton that has hair like President Donald Trump.

The band said the poster for Monday’s show in Missoula, Montana was designed by Jeff Ament, who plays bass in the group, and artist Bobby Brown:

Official artwork by Jeff Ament and Bobby Brown from last night's show in Missoula. #TheAwayShows #Rock2Vote

— Pearl Jam (@PearlJam) August 14, 2018

The poster also features an endorsement of Democratic Sen. Jon Tester and a note from the bassist on the back that calls him “the real deal.” Ament is from Montana.

Tester is depicted as an Evel Knievel figure, leaping over the flaming White House on a tractor. But the part of the image getting the most attention is the skeleton on the front lawn. It has a Trump-life coif and holds a briefcase bearing a Soviet hammer and sickle. A bald eagle picks at the skeleton’s foot:

Pearl Jam's latest tour poster depicts Donald Trump’s rotting corpse on a burning White House lawn:

— Consequence of Sound (@consequence) August 15, 2018

Matt Rosendale, Tester’s Republican rival in this year’s midterm election, called the image “disgusting and reprehensible” and urged the senator to denounce it.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel described the image as “disgusting” and the National Republican Senatorial Committee denounced it as “despicable.”

We never saw the poster before the show, and we don’t like it,” Tester spokesman Chris Meagher told the Washington Post. “And we don’t condone violence of any kind. Period.”

Ament defended the poster in a statement to Rolling Stone:

The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling. I was the sole conceptualist of this poster, and I welcome all interpretations and discourse. Love, from the First Amendment, Jeff Ament.”

Fans of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band were divided by the poster’s imagery:

Tickets to PJ shows — in stadiums that hold 50,000+ people — sell out in minutes. “Fans” who are leaving, no one will miss you. Side note: this week alone, PJ has raised $11.5M (and counting) to fight homelessness in Seattle. Now, how can I get my hands on one of these posters?

— Angsty Pickles (@angstypickles) August 15, 2018

A burning White House with flames pouring out of the widows? I don’t care if you say it’s “art” and I know you probably don’t care – but you should be ashamed of releasing something like this. Not all of your fans agree with your political narratives.

— Brandon King (@BKDaKing2) August 15, 2018

Great job PJ. Keep it coming. I love the Repubs on this thread saying "I'm not going to listen…" How blind are you? Did you like the "pro-choice" in marker on unplugged? Or how about "WW Suicide", "Jeremy", "Porch", "Can't Deny Me", "Bushleaguer" and "WMA"?

— Arthur Vandelay (@ItsArtVandelay) August 15, 2018

Using your voice to get people to vote is a great thing. Donating all that money from the Seattle shows is outstanding but this is too far imo. Just like the NFL, extreme politics in sports/music hurts the product especially when disrespecting the flag, White House etc

— ✭⚡️CR⚡️✭ (@PJ__Cowboys) August 15, 2018

Love you guys, always have since 1991 when I was 12 years old. I don't get why some of the fans are surprised here. It's not like your political views have changed in the last 27 years.

— Jessie Raeke (@JessieRaeke) August 15, 2018

Disgusting. Shame on you. I was a fan of you guys for 27+ years. This is disgusting and divisive and frankly, beneath you. I miss when it was just about the music.

— Ryan Crouch (@MightyOregon1) August 16, 2018

When was it just about the music for Pearl Jam?

— LiketheFire (@VitalSigns10) August 16, 2018

Even though I like PJ since the very beginning and know every song, I still don't like these kind of posters. I'm all for freedom of speech, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

— Esp.sin complejos (@jaimeparrondo) August 15, 2018


— Angie (@rottenangelart) August 15, 2018

This poster is unacceptable and I've deleted all your music and will never buy another Pearl Jam song or album again.

— Jimmy Toungate (@NWCowboy65) August 15, 2018

But who started the fire? I think this can be interpreted in many ways & makes a strong statement about the political state of the USA today. Instead of being offended it could open up some interesting truthful conversations about what is going g on in the DSA.

— borilena (@borilena1) August 15, 2018

Is this going to far? Yes. That being said anyone that wants to get rid of their tickets to the Boston shows I'll take them off your hands.

— Lando Lanes (@LandoLanes) August 15, 2018 Download

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