Dueling rallies in Portland, Ore., ended with members of the Patriot Prayer group and counter-demonstrators clashing on Saturday, resulting in six arrests.

The day started with a rally downtown to support survivors of sexual assault where several in attendance spoke about their experiences, the Oregonian reported. Around 200 people attended.

Nearby, a "Him Too" rally, a counter to the #MeToo movement, hosted by Patriot Prayer member Haley Adams was underway with about 40 people in attendance.

Adams said the gathering was to support men falsely accused of sexual assault, though some guest speakers spoke about freedom and a "war on men." Once the rally ended, protesters allegedly began throwing bottles and flares and small scuffles broke out.

A few demonstrators allegedly tossed smoke bombs as well, the paper reported. Police officers in riot gear separated the Patriot Prayer members and the black-clad counter-demonstrators.

FOX 12 Oregon reported that six people were arrested. police identified them as Gary Fresquez, 52, on suspicion of disorderly conduct and two counts of interfering with a peace officer; Hannah R. McClintock, 19, charged with harassment., and four others – Ruben A Delahuerga, 25; Betsy Toll, 68; Elizabeth L. Cheek, 33; and Brittany N. Frost, 35 – charged with interfering with a peace officer.

Saturday’s events came nearly a month after Patriot Prayer members and Antifa counter-demonstrators got into a bloody brawl outside a popular bar in the city.

Members of the conservative group had marched earlier that day calling for the ousting of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Wheeler has faced harsh criticism in recent months over his oversight of the city’s police department and how it responds to protests.

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