Elaine Parker of Job Creators Network writes in Townhall.com that the socialist policies espoused by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pinpoint a serious crisis in the economic education currently afforded the country’s youth.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a walking indictment of economic education in the United States. And I’m not just referring to Boston College where AOC received her economics degree. The fact that AOC’s socialist policies receive widespread support among today’s youth demonstrates there is an economic education crisis in this country. Below are AOC’s top 5 economically ignorant policies that haven’t received nearly the derision they deserve:

The Green New Deal: This policy would fundamentally transform the U.S. economy in a socialist direction. It would force American households and small businesses to transition to far more expensive and unreliable energy sources. This would act as a major new tax, raising prices, reducing disposable income, and acting as a major drag on the economy. Eliminating plane travel would significantly reduce interstate commerce.

Medicare for All: Medicare for All, which is also a facet of the GND, would nationalize the healthcare system. This would create healthcare shortages and rationing because demand would increase and doctor supply would decrease. Government bureaucrats, not doctors and medical entrepreneurs, would determine healthcare policies and procedures, limiting much-needed medical advancement.

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