One day after a CBS-affiliated TV station in Iowa confirmed that a popular weatherman was no longer employed at the station, a newspaper reported Tuesday that a local school district had banned the weatherman from its properties more than a year ago.

Monday’s departure of Frank Scaglione from KCCI-TV in Des Moines followed posts over the weekend on social media, alleging that Scaglione had used social media to pursue sexual relationships with young boys, the Des Moines Register reported.

On Tuesday, a lawyer for Scaglione, 26, told the newspaper that Scaglione denied the allegations against him — and noted that Scaglione had not been charged with any crimes.

“False, defamatory and scurrilously accusations have become weaponized to perfection, ultimately destroying lives and reputations without consequences,” lawyer Alfredo Parrish’s statement said in part, adding that Scaglione would be defended “against inaccurate, unwarranted and malicious attacks on his integrity.”

The Register reported Tuesday that Scaglione was prohibited from entering Waukee Community Schools in January 2017, because of alleged “inappropriate conduct” with high school students.

This past weekend, some of those allegations were posted on social media.

Several accusations via Twitter asserted that Scaglione used social media to pursue sexual relationships with minors, the Register reported.

“You are hereby no longer welcome on any Waukee Community School campus,” the letter says. “If you choose to come to the campus or you are present at any Waukee school activity, you will be asked to leave.”

During his time with the station, Scaglione has noted that he seemed popular with young viewers.

In 2016, Scaglione told the Register, “It’s insane how many kids from local schools know who I am, but they don’t watch me on TV.”

The Register contacted a half-dozen youths about their social media posts alleging Scaglione’s sexual solicitation, some involving allegedly unsolicited photos.

Several boys described Scaglione asking personal questions, including requests to “come over to his house.”

Scaglione had worked at KCCI since 2009. The station declined to comment Tuesday beyond its weekend statement that Scaglione was no longer employed there, the Register reported.

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